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Redundant answers. Hell yes they need a quest specific forum.

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Should the Quest feature have it's own forum?  And damn straight they should because the General & Off Topic forums are currently unmanageable.  I can't believe how quickly this site spiraled into the sewer.  Really do we all need to see blogs that announce "Well, this is my blog" and nothing, I mean nothing more?  One of the best things about GB was that is kept a tight lid on spam and such but in one fell swoop all that was turned around.  This site is chaos now and I dislike it.  I was hoping to just ignore it and I can my own quests but with all the threads related to quests littering the forums, it's intolerable.  Every thread is suspect to me. I wonder, is this a legitimate topic that someone wants to discuss or just a frivolous creation made to score a quick achievement point.  I feel like moving to Anime Vice or Tested where this crap hasn't been installed yet.