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This thread is for all the quest whores out there who want to complete the latest set.  Post here if you don't mind getting followed and having people post on your wall.  I will reply to all wall posts 
Update #42 to finish

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Like most quests on this site, I secretly really want to complete them 

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Eh. I'm not into quests in general.

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this set seems pretty overboard lol. that is a lot of stalking n a week

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Of course i do! I'll write on your wall if you write on mine.

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There are already forums about it, no need to start over.

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@AltDimension said:
" Like most quests on this site, I secretly really want to complete them  "
This. I'm afraid my XP addiction is too strong to ignore. This set is a son of a bitch, though.
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Les do this.  I will follow anyone on this board.  Hopefully you all do the same.
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I'm down.

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I'm game...let the spamming begin!!!!

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I wish I could ignore these quests, but I can't. Let's do this.

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Might as well, even though I already posted in that other thread.

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Can't. Ignore. Quest.

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Stock Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and if you want to be friends that's cool to.

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Do what you must, I require quest xp

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Im down again :)

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Forced conversation time is go!

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Curse the Giantbomb staff members for trying to build a stronger video game community through this intricate quest set! Also, sure, I like reading the witty comments left on my wall.

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I'm up for this.

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It seems odd that they quest set doesn't have any synergy with itself.  Why have a quest the requires wall posts and not have one that rewards posting on other members walls.

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Will spam wall for wall posts. Please contact at wall.

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I'm in. Please spam my wall everyone. I'll do the same for you all.

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Let's do it.

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Can't resist  

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I'll gladly respond to anyone who posts on my wall. I might not be as spammy about it, and I'm not exactly in a rush to get the full quest done myself, but I find the overwhelming amount of wall posts I've been getting quite humorous, and I'm more than willing to help others out in getting this quest over and done with.

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Spam me. Spam in return. (oh, and followers is good too as I'm short a few for that one)...

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Lets do it.  
 Edit: Done     

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Im gong to try and do the quest while adding more to the wiki's. The old one, two approach.

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I just need views, so everyone click on my profile and I'll do the same, yo.

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I can always use some stalkers so stalk away bitches. :P

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Jesus Christ, you people move fast.

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Me I guess.

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 They should add a quest: Open a thread about this quest set.

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Sure, I don't mind people following me here on Giant Bomb. Maybe if they actually follow me they will raed some of the Wiki entries I have made too... I hope.
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I will trade your spam for my spam!

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Im in,random shit is welcome with me

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Wall posts will be returned in kind once I'm off work!
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The reward for these things like this should be, "get a wav from Dave calling you a duder~!"

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Everyone spam the fuck out of me, please!

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Bring it!  I shall return the favor when I can. ha ha

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Everyone spam the fuck out of me please. 

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Almost done here. Keep on spamming and I will return the favor.

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APS - always be spamming, I'll keep posting too

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Look at my page and post on my wall please.

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Stalk me I shall stalk you.

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For some reason I'm totally down to do this. Almost done too.

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Count me in!

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Requires staff to follow you, don't think that will happen ><