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So I keep reading comments which imply this achievement is really easy once you work it out, but my brain must be broken because I can't even get started.  Can someone give me some kind of hint to get going?

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Fist hint is in the quest name, and remember which set it's in.

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wow you seriously can't get this one? 
Giantbomb named an award after him.

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Why don't you No this one? Too many Lan parties I guess.

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Have you done any of the parts?

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Last year was this guy's year according to Giant Bomb

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This guy gets his voice heard in a lot of households.

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One of his characters has the same name as a Canadian rapper that used to be on Degrassi

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Carpets THIS thick!

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That's the easiest quest ever.

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@abdo said:
" Carpets THIS thick! "
Hey, this isn't Anime Vice, keep it clean.
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You have to go around the pages of the famous Canadian voice actors. The first one is Mark Meer but after that, I'll let you find the rest. It is a bit buggy though so if it doesn't immediately work, just refresh the page a couple of times.

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I can't get the last one.... UGH!!! =\

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@jNerd: Yes, it can keep you in the dark, though the clues should help you facilitate an answer.
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it took me a while to get last one.

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OK after I got the first one the rest were pretty obvious.  Thanks for all the help (and non-help from some)!

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Get your head out of the gutter, good sir. If you've played the first hours of the last Prince of Persia game, you'd know what I'm talking about.
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Ok so I got the first and second one, now im stumped do I search for characters or voice actors?
edit: The second one is a character that likes to get kitties wet.
edit2: *sigh finished it,

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I only have one, the most obvious one. The man who does ALOT of voice-overs. 
I can't get the other ones. 

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@alwaysangry:  Speak the voices of...
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If you've got the voice actor but can't find the characters (remember, you're looking for the characters, not the games), just go to the voice actor's Giant Bomb wiki page. All of his relevant games are listed. Have a look through, go to the bigger hits, and find out which character he played in them. You'll get all of them pretty quickly.
Extra hint: The three characters you're looking for were leading protagonists in their respective games.

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@Wilkins_III: help wit the voice acctor??
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@organicalistic_:  The quest title contains the voice actor's surname.
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Wow, i kept going to the game pages for some reason, no wonder it took me so long to get this one...
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I've beat at least three of the games this guy is featured in, yet never had any inkling of his name until now... wasn't easy!