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I couldn't find a topic on this one. I have the first part figured out. Does anyone have a hint as to what the second one might be?

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It's real easy. Think: what's another word for two loaves of bread/buns with something in between?

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@asian_pride: Very good sir, you have my thanks.
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Yup, no problem.

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I got that one already but I can't get the other one.  I thought it was a common mexican food item but that doesn't appear to work.  Any clues about the other one?  This is the last thing I need for the whole set.  
Edit:  Thanks Shirogane!

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Anybody who needs help on this should check out one of the most popular forums on the site that has nothing to do with games.
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For the first one, look at the icon.  Think of what that goes with.

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@Jhriad: yea, i need help with the other too please help
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yeah, help with other one please

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@Headlines: Think creepy commercials with a large-headed mascot.
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@Shirogane said:
" Anybody who needs help on this should check out one of the most popular forums on the site that has nothing to do with games. "
Shirogane posted what you need to know.  To help you pinpoint the information I've italicized the important part.
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@FireBurger: mor help
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@Headlines: You're on the right path. Think along the lines of the answer you already said you have. Sorry I can't offer a beefier hint.
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@FireBurger: thanks
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I can not for the life of me get the second part of this quest, I went to the....certain page but I can't figure out the second part.
Any more help?

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The eternal struggle is whether or not #1 is a type of #2, being as the both involve stuff stuffed between two pieces of other stuff, often with cheese lettuce and tomato.

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The dilemma makes it first appearance in one of the How to Build a Bomb episodes.

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@FireBurger: I still don't get it nother clue??
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It's very popular in the GB forums and it is NOT EVEN A GAME. People would often tell you to go to that thread when your new to the site. Dunno if that's still the case though.

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I need help with the second part of the quest. The first one is obvious but the second one is pissing me off.