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I've been looking all over my profile, the site, and Facebook for a way to sync or link my profile from Giant Bomb to my Facebook account. I easily found the way to sync to Twitter, but not Facebook. Please help?

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I imagine that you just post anything and it'll just ask you to sync to Facebook. Or not. I'd try a blog.

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I too am having trouble linking these. I've liked Giant Bomb on facebook and other things like this but I got nothing.

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I'm in a weird spot because I linked my FB for the quest and I got it but, I still can't see my wall or post from here. Could it be a privacy setting issue from FB?

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Same problem here. Hope someone kind would come along and show us the light. :'(

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@Nictel: Doesnt work for me. There is a Facebook-Button, but it`s not clickable for me, means nothing happens when I click it.
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Having the same issue here

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@Nevski: Yeap Same issue
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same issue. funny thing is i got this quest on my old account, but when the fb login went away i had to start over

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Same here. I see the button, but it's glitched out and does nothing.

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Is linking a Facebook account just impossible at the moment then?


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Seems to be borked here as well