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Just need the British dude and the secret one but have absolutely no clue =(

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the secret guy works for bioware and has his name in the credits for Mass Effect 2

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@Natalia said:
" Hint for 'British Royalty': He knows Stephen Colbert "
I have no idea who that is lol but thanks anyway
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British one...
he went to space.

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I can safely say that the British gentleman has been places were no game developer has ever been before.

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@CL60:@eroticfishcake: I love you
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@Pessh said:

" @CL60:@eroticfishcake: I love you "

<3 I love you too.
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@CL60 said:
" @Pessh said:

" @CL60:@eroticfishcake: I love you "

<3 I love you too. "
Bromance dudes!
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Just got the secret one by going through every name on the ME2 credits page. Thanks @fresh2deafbill:

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Any more hints for the secret one considering there is nothing in the actual hint to let you know anything about who it really is.

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@DoctorWelch said:
" Any more hints for the secret one considering there is nothing in the actual hint to let you know anything about who it really is. "
He's more of a relations kinda guy.
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@Jazz:  Thanks lol, I found him. All I need is the hooded blazer guy.
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He was on the front page of the site recently during a special event
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fuck i still cant figure any other dudes on that list except for mister kombat and original sim

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same i cant seem to find any except those to =[ google you have failed me!

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@Jazz: What does "Relation kind of guy" mean?
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Its his job
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For Mister Kombat, I found the character page but I don't get a credit for it like I did with the Sim guy, am I doing something wrong?

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Man that hooded blazer guy is really tough, i got the mass effect 2 guy though

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I disapprove of the hints for the Original Sim one; he didn't make Sim Tower, Yoot Saito did. :(

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I am stuck at hoodied blazer as well, can someone give me a little bit more obvious riddle for this man please.
Oh and the secret quest too.

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Hooded blazer - His first name is a single letter

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figured out the hooded blazer guy and wow, how could I have not thought of his name before?

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For the "Hoodied blazer" part, go to Wikipedia and search "that device with the letter Z", read through the development of it and you will find out that person.

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This really helped, too many hints confused me and couldn't think of the British guy whatever the hints were, thanks guys.

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is there any way to get the secret fellow without looking through the entire ME2 credits?
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The scret y is the PR person for Mass Effect 2.