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I was wondering if someone can give me a little in sight on this quest without spoiling it (rules and all). It's the last one I need for the set and I have 6 out 20 but honestly I do not know how I got those six because of what I have done lately.

Example I have added an image to a page that doesn't have any images and I didn't get credit and I have added an image to a new gallery and didn't credit so I am a bit stumped at this point.

I ran a search with the name of the quest and didn't find another topic so either I'm just missing something easy as hell or no one has talked about it.

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I got this and in the description box it says "you added 50 images to the gallery of a content object of the site".

Although it does say 20/20 - so 50 might be a typo. Try adding 20 images to a gallery and see if it pops.