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Yesterday I put some time in and finally got the last achievement I needed in Braid to S-rank it. It's showing up on my user page as completed, now, but the progress bars in Game within a Game still say I'm at 1/3 (or whatever the particular completion is). Am I bugged?  
edit: the other game I have S-ranked is Fallout 3.

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I haven't connected to Xbox Live in a good few months, and got a bunch of S-Ranks while playing offline - I just briefly connected my 360 to Live and now my Giant Bomb achievement page lists all of the achievements I got while offline, but it the quest says I've only got two S-Ranks, wheras I actually have six.

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Awesome - it just this minute unlocked both of the quests.

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I have 80 S-ranks and it isn't showing a single one.