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So I'm trying to complete this little quest, but I'm stuck. Care to share some hints?

 Here's a Clue

The console wars really began during the original run of these platforms.

4 Steps Needed to Complete
  • Read the clue above.
  • Read the clue above.
  • Read the clue above.
  • Read the clue above.

 I thought they were the
; but neither of them gave me the quest. Thanks for the help!
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think before your time

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Awww, you so young!
Think older.

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yup, think older

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OK, I got two of the very obvious ones. The first book of the Bible and the noise you make when pronounce 'sneeze'. What other might I be overlooking?

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So close. Sometimes, to take a step forward, you must go a step back.

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Thanks, that did it for me. :)

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SNES doesn't work for me. What could I be missing (the last one)?

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Why don't you try your attempts again?

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Just go into the Consoles page, and look at the consoles that released very close to each other

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@Fritzerbacon: Nope, the third console generation was:

Sega Master System, SG-1000 *, Atari 7800 *, Casio PV-1000 * and the NES.

Sadly, the starred items above will not trigger any of the battle royale.