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#-49 Posted by OutOfBounds9000 (2300 posts) -

That Luchadeer Uncle Sam is pretty awesome. 
Im sure most of the new users try to get the quest Dear Diary by doing some spam and putting it in the Off-Topic.Quest Spam is totally fine if you dont put it in the forums. 
I've done it myself,but not attaching it to the forum.

#-48 Posted by XxXGenesisXxX (93 posts) -

Thank god for mods.

#-47 Posted by ClaritySam (594 posts) -

"rampant douchebaggery" lol

#-46 Posted by CL60 (16906 posts) -

I flag, or PM the mods whenever I deem it necessary.

#-45 Posted by Lambert (404 posts) -

I don't know what the Giantbomb crew expected when they made the quest system. It is obvious you are dealing with the most immature community on the internet. This was bound to happen.

#-44 Posted by ZeForgotten (10397 posts) -
@Lambert said:
" I don't know what the Giantbomb crew expected when they made the quest system. It is obvious you are dealing with the most immature community on the internet. This was bound to happen. "
Now does that include you when you say the most immature community? 
Just a question I've had on my mind for some time since a lot of people say that.
#-43 Posted by Wolvodin (17 posts) -

dude i did this when i first made a blog, i thought i had to post it to the forums for it to count, no one was outright rude to me but they wouldn't stop chastising me in the thread thus ensuring that it stayed at the top.  I was like if you just stop commenting the post will go away.  But i'm glad i've stuck around cuz this website is awesome!

#-42 Posted by pickassoreborn (523 posts) -

Every time I see "First!", I want to cry. Some quests encourage douchery.

#-41 Posted by Fuga (206 posts) -
@Rallier: What is this
#-40 Posted by nsolo1717 (24 posts) -
@MB: appreciate the new changes and look forward to ending up here at the G bomb more often.  
#-39 Posted by Kidhayshun (8 posts) -

Thanks for posting this.. I'm one of the users that wasn't aware I was spamming until I received a comment... It wasn't anything too bad but I'm glad there are rules posted so I know better... Keep up the good work guys really loving this site and the quest system is making it expansive and interesting.
#-38 Posted by Runyan (18 posts) -
#-37 Posted by one_2nd (2359 posts) -

This happened to me when I joined, lol. What you guys gotta understand is they don't understand how these forums run. I came from the gamebattles forums and no one cares what you did over there, so when I wrote a bad review, and posted a dumb blog here everyone unloaded on me, it was just unfair. Just be cool about it, and don't overreact. They'll learn in time. 

#-36 Posted by lonelobo77 (9 posts) -

i agree we need to keep the hate off the boards
#-35 Posted by SaintKid (11 posts) -

Guys Please add me as a friend so i can complete the best buy QUEST!!

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#-33 Posted by Dark_Swordmaster (27 posts) -

 Giant Bomb encourages spamming with their quests. This must stop. Encouraging your users to generate content is one thing, but promoting them to mindlessly churn out useless crap is another.

#-32 Posted by KingDaniel97 (15 posts) -


#-31 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7240 posts) -
@KingDaniel97 said:
" farfignuton "
Wait, what?
#-30 Posted by VisariLoyalist (2991 posts) -

who cares if it wont help the site grow, you guys have been talking to much with the whiskey media executives obviously

#-29 Posted by Ghostflower666 (5 posts) -

This is a very interesting thread. Learned some stuff. Yep.

#-28 Posted by pootedesu (8 posts) -

The quest system is undoubtedly fun and adds a layer of interactivity to the site.

#-27 Posted by afrofools (1339 posts) -
@MB: Thanks for the tips. Has anyone ever flagged you for laughs (since you're the moderator)?
#-26 Posted by deshelbr (4 posts) -

I'm just posting this because I need the achievement for using using a fancy word with more than 8 character.

#-25 Posted by evilrazer (480 posts) -

Can someone explain to me how to keep blog posts off the forums? I just don't see a proper button or flag to push.

#-24 Posted by MiGo316 (6 posts) -


#-23 Posted by Tebekaru (12 posts) -

Scientific Breakthrough

#-22 Posted by deathstrokergeist (36 posts) -

Yeah, giving this a bump for a quick question.

Are quests ever coming back? Otherwise this thread could be locked, no?