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Feel free to post hints, other then Fire It Up this quest is still possible.    

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Having trouble with the third resource.  Could use a hint.

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I think Fire it Up is glitched.  Mine says 5/5 but the quest set hasn't unlocked.  It's my last one, too. :( 
EDIT:  Now 6/5, still nothing.  What the heck, man?

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@chicubs223420:  I need some Supplies from the ______ Depot.
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@chicubs223420 said:

" Having trouble with the third resource.  Could use a hint. "

Yup, me too. I've started  clicking on every concept and object related to the franchise. If I come onto something, I'll let you guys know.
EDIT: Weird, actually, since I've already visited pages for the shiny thing, the thing that can't be touched, and that third thing that can be basically anything judging from it's name. Am I missing something? Or is another broken quest next to Fire It Up?
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@ KingBroly
seems so, mine is up to 10 out of 5 :(

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@SmashedControllers: Thanks!
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@Deltex said:
" @ KingBroly seems so, mine is up to 10 out of 5 :( "
I'm not watching another video until they fix it.  For some reason 4/5 never showed up for me, but every other one did.  :\  I was gonna be #10, too.
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...this is the easiest quest I ever done.  Aside from the Broken Video Glitch, I got all the other stuff in under a minute.  Finished #19, stupid video.  I don't think people really need hints, all the clues are just very major SC stuff.  >.>

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Please use this thread to discuss hints for the quest set and not complain about the glitched nature of the quest set. For all of of your complaining needs please keep it to this thread.

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@KaosAngel: Some people may need help, not everyone knows Starcraft.
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Since I love Starcraft, easiest quest set i've ever done. 
Third resource is where your little minions get their food from.

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For the video quest, just watch ALL of the SC2 videos.  You'll unlock it then.

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Still need help with the 3rd resource. Two are plainly obvious (even for someone who hasn't played Starcraft...YET), but what is the third?

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you gota wach 17 starcraft II related videos
33'th to finnish =)

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@sjolle: 33th? O_o
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@jadeskye: thirty-threeth?
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meh, i never played starcraft and im super stuck on the third resource.... two are obvious because of other RTS's but damn, i been everywhere xD

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@SJSchmidt93 said:

" @chicubs223420 said:

" Having trouble with the third resource.  Could use a hint. "
Spwan more ________ 
Warp Additional _______ 
Build More ________ 
EDIT:  Starcraft for FOOD
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God damn, it won't unlock Fire It UpI would've been in the top 50 if it had when it should've :( This was by far one the easiest questsets, and I know NOTHING about StarCraft

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I haven't played Starcraft much, but these quests were still pretty easy.

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I started working on this quest, but considering I have no interest in the series, I think I'm just gonna pass.

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I never played Starcraft but it wasn't that hard.

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Just finished; thanks people! 
I've never played Starcraft, but I've heard so much about it that I finished the entire set in about 10 minutes. That and 'Starcraft' franchise page scanning.

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My hint for Tom SawyCraft: Toy Story-esque villain trying to hurry things along.

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I know next to nothing about the actual universe of StarCraft, and this was still pretty easy.  Just gotta watch the videos now.

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never played a single starcraft and still managed it
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Don't even like starcraft, was able to get most of it by going to the starcraft franchise page, and hitting every link I could find.
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Yea in the same boat as everyone else, not really a big Starcraft fan but got most of these really fast, just watching the videos at the moment.

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1625th to finish ah little late to the party. 

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#1,981 to finish.  
Just squeaked in this time. 
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@sportz103: same here, I had two videos playing at the same time to get that finished quickly.  is that against the spirit of the quest?  I hope not.
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This was super easy for me. Despite this, I was at university all day and finished the quest   #1,713 
What a rip. 
Also I wish those video quests were retro-active, because I'd already watched those videos before, some even a few times.

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*yawns* Could have used a bit more challenge, like some planets or unit names! :D