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Here's what I've got so far, but I need help on a couple. Can anyone share some hints?

The New Class

3 Steps Needed to Complete
  • Just find the latest generation of things.

Battle Royale Quest Complete!

4 Steps Needed to Complete
  • Had huge cassetes and the controllers sharp corners sometimes hurt your hand.
  • Sega's response to the console on Number 1.
  • Sega upped the ante with it's next console.
  • A favorite console of gamers, it had nice controls and was host to our plumbers best adventure in 2D.

Flash in the Pan

4 Steps Needed to Complete
  • These words rhyme. 'New' - 'Another word for ground or earth.'
  • A console made by Panasonic.
  • Created by Hudson Soft

Can I Get Some Quarters?

6 Steps Needed to Complete
  • Where do you go to get highscores with nothing but change?
  • This game has a monkey going apeshit because someone stole his hoard of bananas.
  • Dear God this little green guy is going to get run over!
  • If Gerard Butler wanted to train two of these, he's have a [blank] [blank] situation.
  • These shelled creatures are masters of body combat, but they seemed to have lost themselves in the 5th dimension.

Founding Fathers

6 Steps Needed to Complete
  • Single handedly responsible for the videogame market exploding into popularity.
  • This guy wanted to phone home. Considered the worst game EVER by many. You probably heard the stories of how they were dumped in the desert.
  • If you brought both planes and ships to a battle, then you could call it an [blank] and [blank] [blank].
  • One of the most ambitious games that had a direct link to comic book (in gameplay terms, not content) - It involves an adventure looking for a sword.
  • This new sound technology boasts that it can make you feel as if you were there. I think it's called [blank] sound?
Ask for hints here! And please help me with what I'm missing! :D
Edit: Just need number 3 for Founding Fathers - any help?
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@papuccino1: #3 on Founding Father's was actually shown in the Quick Look of game room... a game that really doesn't make much sense when you look at it
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A hint for "Flash in the Pan" #1: A mobile phone maker that tried to go into handheld consoles... (and it's not Sony)