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Can't seem to figure out the 3rd one. The first two were easy, but then I hit a wall. Any help?

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  Can anyone confirm that it is not bugged? I swear I've visited every possibility and I had Up and Atom bug out on me in the same way last night.

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Not bugged. The third item may, or may not be, a game. I wonder what else could be related to this quest?

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It was bugged for me in the sense that it didn't "bleep" when I found it.
I searched around for like an hour waiting for the bleep but it never happened.
I finally gave up in disgust and when I checked my quest tracker, turns out it was filled up with all three points.

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@nobull6: Okay, dur, I got it. Haha, I was just being stubborn that it had to be a game.
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I have no idea where to even start on this one.  Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

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This part of the clue "Van frickin' Halen"  will help with #3
I need some help with #1 and #2.

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Always look for a name with these types of quests first when they're given.

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Arg duh, I don't know why didn't I think to check that.

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All the achievement names for Music Appreciation 101 are bigger clues than people think they are.

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ugh The third one is driving me nuts.

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the third one is somewhere in the clue

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Mentioning him touring with Van Halen is a big clue for 3.

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I need help with 1 and 2

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For #1 look at the "surname" in the quest title..just cannot get #2
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I have non of these :- /
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 okay scratch that i just got all three in 2 minutes
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Got #1 and #3, but I'm completely clueless for #2.

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...I'm completely lost on #3

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Wow. Finally shredded the third one. I was fretting over it for a while. Might have got it sooner if I was born in 1984.

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Hint for #3: It's not necessarily a game. It tells you in the hint.

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I'm not seeing any kind of hint for #3.

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I need help for 1 and 2. I don't know ant composers that are named Hope. 
Nevermind got all 3.

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Still need all 3.  I gather I need a guitarist born in 1984?  I can't get anything from these clues.

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Oh man I feel so stupid now that I have no 3.  Still no idea about 1 & 2 though.

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#1: "Hot For Kirk Hope"?  I don't really like that guy, but I'm totally into the duo known as Kirk and Hope, especially when their powers combine to form...

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Still stumped.  Am I looking for people or games for 1 & 2?  Is it an anagram of Kirk & Hope?  Is it games that no 3 has worked on?

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1. The Composer
2. A Game he worked on
3. Another person, mentioned in the quest
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@ahab88 said:
" Wow. Finally shredded the third one. I was fretting over it for a while. Might have got it sooner if I was born in 1984. "
Yeah, that Really Got Me too. At one point I was just about ready to Erupt, but then I decided to Jump over to Panama for a couple of days to Finish What I Started. When I was down there I talked to some Beautiful Girls who I thought were Unchained, but when I asked one of them if she wanted to Dance the Night Away, she replied "I Ain't Talkin' 'bout love". I swear, the Summer Nights down there were so hot it was like Runnin' with the Devil.
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@Elazul: And now for a similar clue for no. 1 please
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@SquadBroken said:
" @Elazul: And now for a similar clue for no. 1 please "
Okay, this is the best I can do: 

Number 1 is a composer. His name technically is an anagram of Kirk and Hope, but it's a lot simpler than that makes it sound.
Number 2 is a game he did the music for. It's also Brad's favorite game in the whole world.
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I'm still having problems with this one. So far, the clues for #'s 1 - 2 have not helped. I'm at a complete loss here. Can anyone come up with any others? 
Also,   Elazul mentioned Brad's fav game for #2, but if his profile is to be believed that isn't right either, unless I'm missing something. 
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been puzzling over this one for ages!

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#1- This composer did work on two of the best N64 platformers, and is responsible for the intentionally bad DK Rap.
#2- This is probably Rare's most prominent game after they left Nintendo.
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@AdventFalls: OMG! I feel like an idiot now. How could I have missed that? No excuse.
Thanks for the help, mate. Much appreciated!
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@ahab88 said:
" Wow. Finally shredded the third one. I was fretting over it for a while. Might have got it sooner if I was born in 1984. "
I see what you did there.
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A hint for #2... ummm these are fun at birthday parties when you're little or if you like hitting flamboyant animals with a stick without PETA hating you.Now apply that to a certain game