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Why must you play upon my weakness for achievements Giant Bomb?      WHY!!!!!!?? ?
Leftovers set was my fav so far. 
Anyone else have a favourite?
Pssst.....I made this for a Quest.

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Yeah... I had an entire night dedicated to quests... horrible, horrible things. My favourite was probably the Composer one (bit of a VG music geek)

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Happened to me I did about 40 quests in about 8 hours, somehow ive managed to stop because i have exams.

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Now you should hop over to Screened.com and do some of the same basic quests (fill out your profile and such) and dig into the unique to that site quests.  Wooo more points that mean nothing at all!  I gotta get back over there myself.

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Impressed, but sort of stunned. Four hours of doing quests?
Yikes, more power to you.