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#1 Posted by lmephisto (190 posts) -

In order to finish a quest i need a MOD to reply if they kindly want too :D

Thanks in advance,

#2 Posted by TentPole (1858 posts) -

@lmephisto: Done

#3 Posted by lmephisto (190 posts) -

@TentPole: [facepalm]

#4 Posted by TentPole (1858 posts) -

On Giant Bomb we prefer a simple "thank you".

#5 Posted by AlexanderSheen (5088 posts) -

@lmephisto: Just a heads up: *whisper* we don't like it when people make threads just for a quest.

#6 Posted by TentPole (1858 posts) -

@AlexanderSheen: I decided to let it pass this time.

#7 Posted by Tylea002 (2295 posts) -

I can tell this is going to be locked without a mod comment.

That's gonna suck.

#8 Posted by lmephisto (190 posts) -

@Tylea002: oh well is worth the try :D

#9 Posted by AlexanderSheen (5088 posts) -

@TentPole: I'm out of flags, so I couldn't flag it, but thinking about it, it would be better if this just dies without a mod seeing it.

So from now on: Noone comment here.

#10 Posted by Maystack (902 posts) -

@AlexanderSheen: Good plan.

#11 Posted by atomic_dumpling (2482 posts) -

I'm in.

#12 Posted by AlexanderSheen (5088 posts) -

@Maystack: Dude, I know!

#13 Posted by Freshbandito (689 posts) -

@AlexanderSheen: The perfect plan

#14 Posted by Daiphyer (1350 posts) -

@AlexanderSheen: Awesome! Let's do this!