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For Travel Agent, I went to the Fallout Wiki and looked up real locations that inspired locations in the Fallout universe, and just went to the GB pages for every single one and only Chicago, California, Washington DC and Las Vegas worked, and there's one more to complete this quest. 
For Meet and Greet, I went to the Fallout Wiki and looked up companions, and went to the GB pages for all of them, and only Fawkes, Jericho, and 2 other ones that are in Fallout 3, the names of which escape me at the moment, and there is one more to complete the quest. 
Any ideas?

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For the quests, it's usually best to go through the lists on Giant Bomb associated with the games, franchises, concepts, locations, whatever.  I'd say hit look through the locations and characters lists here.  That's what I do for games I'm not intimately familiar with, anyway.