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First of all hello.
Anyways, I'm fairly new to giant bomb so this has probably already been answered somewhere and if so I'm sorry.
I was just wondering what that green part of the exp bar means at the top right. 
It seems to show up when you complete a quest but after refreshing the page the green part disappears and isn't even replaced with the white part.
Don't suppose anyone could explain it to me? Or direct me to another thread that covers this?

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The green part of the bar is the new exp you earned

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Just indicates how much experience you just gained by completing that quest. The white exp is just your total for that level.

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If it's not replacing the green part with a white part when you refresh that's probably a bug, cause it's supposed to.
I've had that happen to me once or twice, but i believe you still get the experience, so it doesn't really matter.

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@FlyingRat: ah k, yeah that's whats happening to me, alright cool thanks