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fuck those assholes

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why wouldn't it be

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It's may ok to be first if you're at least helping her finish as well.


It did feel sweet to get it twice. I like it when I get quests but I won't go apeshit over people who "steal them" from me. It's part of the game after all.

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Hell yeah it is, I'm a proud member of this club.

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It'll be okay one there's a quest for getting it multiple times. Other times, its kinda assholeish.

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waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh he stole my forum achievement

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I think people who complain about this whole "First Quest" are extremely childish.

Like whatever people are going to post first on the comments. Move on. Pointing out a guy cause he posted first on the comments makes you look like you literally have nothing better to do. How many topics have been brought up to remove the first quest?

It's moronic.

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I support those who take this quest from others.

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I've done it, and I do it for the lulz.

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I've been first three times and it felt great!

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I got the quest (and Remarkin' Spartan) on the first day. That being said, the quest is fucking stupid (so was Remarkin' Spartan. They should've just removed both of them instead of keeping the one for posting first).

So no, I post first whenever I can. It's a dumb quest anyway and should be removed.

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tbh only comment on a video if you've got something relevant to say

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It's kind of a dick move if done on purpose. But i don't really care about quests. And also it's the internet, so what are you gonna do?

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Actually had the option earlier today, but didn't post. I wanted to let somebody else have it.

htr10 got it, yay for him =)

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There was a tsunami in Japan.

You are concerned with this.

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I love watching people have that quest ruined for them, it makes me laugh.  If Matrix was here, he'd laugh too.

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Fuck no. I take joy in seeing legions of idiots cry as their opportunity for meager GB E-penis points slip away right in front of their eyes.

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I don't understand why people care. I think they should be more ashamed than anything if they're the first poster.

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Only if someone doesn't contribute anything and go "HA!, I'm taking your chances!  Suck my dick!".  Its worse that a comment that just says first.

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I apologize if I come off as a troll but this genuinely intrigues me -- Are there actually people who are so interested in the quests as to actively try to get the first post on a news story or video? Not only that, but to go as far as to get upset at people who happen to be the first poster on more than one occasion?

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@Enigma777 said:
" fuck those assholes "
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@MordeaniisChaos said:
" @Enigma777 said:
" fuck those assholes "
I say more power to them. This quest needs to go, period. I encourage the blocking.
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I have been 1st twice but I didn't mean to be really.

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I was lucky enough to get First! the other day, but when I went back to see my comment was missing. Weird, as the quest shows to be completed in my stats. I'd never steal the thunder from someone else if the opportunity comes up. I've done it once, got what I wanted, and will move on from trying to refresh at just the right time.
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If i see a new post the second it comes out, i use to wait a minute or two to comment, "IF" i comment that is.

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If you already have the quest and your best reply is a synaptic misfire (which 99% of #1's are), then wait another 5mins before posting and let someone get their damn quest.

Who really wan't to hear your "OMG!!1!" to any random video/newsstory anyway?
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For all the haters: I've been first several times, three I think...lol

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That person is a dick.

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I had a few chances to be first again, but I prefer not to be a dick. I just refresh the page and post second.

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I've been first at least thrice. And none of them were a "first" comment. 

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i say whatever... seriously why do you guys care so much about a quest? it's like achievement whoring to me...

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There is nothing offensively bad about it or anything.
On the other hand I don't think its very nice to actively seek first just so another person doesn't get a chance, which I have seen quite a few people talking about how much they love grabbing first precisely for that reason. There is really no reason to be ashamed or wary of getting first more than once, but when you go about doing it just to be a dick, regardless of the reason or importance that is just being a dick plain and simple.
If you are actually posting about something relating to the article or video, go ahead and get first who cares about the quest.

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I think there should be some common courtesy among the GB community to let other people have the first comment. I really don't like those dick holes who actively do it just to piss the ones who don't have it off.

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Nah, man. I got that quest quite a while back and have never commented first on anything ever since.
If I see there are no comments yet, than I just wait. You gotta give room to others ^^

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If you wanna be first, you gotta be the fastest.

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The word "inconsiderate" comes to mind.

You might not personally care about the quests, but others definitely do; so deliberately attempting it whilst you already have the quest, knowing full well that others care, would be considered pretty rude. It would be akin to having tickets to some show, then pushing your way back in line in front of someone else that hasn't already purchased tickets.

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Who cares? I fail to see how this is a big deal.

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There's competition for the position and so thus people drive towards being first, quest or not. It's never really interested me personally, even with the quest, but we're all different.

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Sometimes I do it just so someone else can't get the first quest!