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Why is this in quests? Also that actually isn't completely useless.

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Aye, there are a couple different situations where a player's life can be 0 and they can still be alive, this card would be feasible if the set it was in had that theme. It would have to depend on the timestamps of cards played, this card being the most recent. Takes out platinum angel.

It would also most likely be White/Green, as they are the colors of nature and being dead at 0 life seems like a natural-themed thing. Blue/black would be more along the lines of trying to stay alive with 0 or less life. mtgnerd /off

Also, this adds no conversation, even in offtopic. So it should be locked, or become a heavy MTG discussion :)

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@NyxFe: @takayamasama:

Actually, does this really work against Platinum Angel? Phyrxian Unlife it should counter, but i'm pretty sure Platinum Angel doesn't get countered, cause it straight up says you can't lose the game, nothing to do with your life being 0. And the fact that you're likely to go into negative life instead of actual 0.

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Here, have a flag.