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The quest Make a List!... Underwater! from the E3 at the bottom of the Sea set apparently required a button-press "add to lists", which is no longer available now that E3 is over.

The Quest feature gives great incentive to learn how the wiki and the site works, enough reason for old quests to be fixed.

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I'm not sure that there's anything wrong with this quest; it's just one of those "limited edition, but not" quests, like the Big Live Live Show Live quest.

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The This time it's live quest works, even for those who missed it.

@Video_Game_King said:

I'm not sure...

It ought to be fixed, there are no other quests that could be categorized as "limited edition, but not", most likely because they've been fixed.

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What about the other quests in the E3 set? (Also, I'm not sure that the staff intended for This Time It's Live to be obtained after the show itself.)

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yeah would be nice if this quest is really over as it seems to be, for it to be moved to limited edition.  Every other E3 quest from thsi year and last is till completeable
 So i don't know what the intent is here.

I probably wasted an hour trying to figure out what i was doing wrong.