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Hey look, it's a topic for friendless hermits like myself!  Need some buddies?  Just post here if you want to make some friends.

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Five of the staff (who you are automatically friended with) are on now anyways.

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I could you some friends... : \

#4 Posted by NME (65 posts) -

I'm a quid pro quo sort of friend. You add me, I'll add you.

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@tsolless said:
" Five of the staff (who you are automatically friended with) are on now anyways. "
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I have no idea how to add friends anyway. Do i follow them?

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I just followed a bunch of the staff guys.  I assume that's what they mean by "friends"? Not really sure how that aspect of this site works.

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i'll follow everyone in this thread, as I need a few more for the 25 follower quest anyways.

#9 Posted by Rawrz (604 posts) -

i like friends!

#10 Posted by natetodamax (19417 posts) -

There was a time when having followers meant something.

#11 Posted by Meteora (5844 posts) -

You just follow them; that's what "friends" are, I think.

#12 Posted by Smedles (202 posts) -

I wouldn't mind a few.  Any help would be appreciated.  

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@natetodamax said:

There was a time when having followers meant something.

Oh please don't be ridiculous... by the way will you follow me? Please... pretty please?  

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Hey guys none of my friends are on! I will follow you back!
Much appreciated.

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Don't we already have another one of these threads?

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aww puppies, friended..

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follow please :)

#18 Posted by Natedogg2 (477 posts) -

I can always use more friends =)

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@eroticfishcake: If there's another thread like this already, then I guess we can close this one.  I've been a fan of the site since it started, but I'm still pretty new to the forums and the social aspects of the site.
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Also, I'll gladly follow anyone who follows me. :)

#21 Posted by WalkerD (483 posts) -

I could use some followers. Its the last thing I need for the quest.

#22 Posted by ajump23 (44 posts) -

I need some friends too. 

#23 Posted by xanavi (205 posts) -

I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine!

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@natetodamax said:

There was a time when having followers meant something.

Hah, I know right?
#25 Posted by arichivukula (3 posts) -

I could use some

#26 Posted by JJBSterling (298 posts) -

Alright five shouldn't be that hard to get, right?

#27 Posted by Winelorf (16 posts) -

Friend my ass. Stay a while and listen!

#28 Posted by keff (4 posts) -

Yeah i need some friends also

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I need some followers.
edit: finished the quest multiple times over. Thanks

#30 Posted by DeadFish (237 posts) -

I'm gonna friend you up! Also need some followers for the other quest, so... :)

#31 Posted by MartinG (174 posts) -

I could use a couple of followers and of course Giant Bomb friends!

#32 Posted by NikoL (6 posts) -

Ill start following you guys! Follow me too =)

#33 Posted by Cr0ssbow (99 posts) -

I don't need friends, but I need a big word, like miraculous?
#34 Posted by Green (22 posts) -

I definitely need some friends. =\

#35 Posted by Popogeejo (621 posts) -

Time to try this crazy ass scoial stuff.
Making friends... online!? Surely this is insane!

#36 Posted by Aerobie (115 posts) -

Let's get this quest done.

#37 Posted by Khantael (181 posts) -

I'm in. Being a hermit doesn't work out too well for the social quests, I've noticed!

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Follow me up if you are bored..or something.

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I will follow you if you follow me ;) ... actually ill follow everyone on this thread regardless if you follow me or not

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added everyone before me...need some followers too

#41 Posted by Microshock (348 posts) -

EVERYONE FOLLOW ME. I'm online and here to help yous out.

#42 Posted by Killa_Assassin11 (20 posts) -

Everyone is welcome to follow me. I could always use more friends here.

#43 Posted by Bossman4595 (77 posts) -

Reporting in for some friends!

#44 Posted by IndieMax (25 posts) -

I would like some friends to.Will absolutely return the favor.

#45 Posted by Drebin_893 (2997 posts) -

This thread upsets me so, so, so deeply.

#46 Posted by PlainZombie (20 posts) -

If you wanna follow me go for it!

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@tsolless said:
" Five of the staff (who you are automatically friended with) are on now anyways. "
If you're automatically friend with the staff, why do I only have two friends. (According to the Viva! quest.)
But, I do need friends.
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I need some friends, internet friends, that is. Let's be friends.

#49 Posted by TheThirstyWhale (73 posts) -

i'm so lonely 
also just followed a bunch of people on this thread 
little help?
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Time to come out of my cave and  make some friends.