#101 Posted by Hockeymask27 (3687 posts) -
@OpenWideToSwim said:
" lols all you have to do is open in a new tab every one who isn't a voice actor "
I just did that and still no quest wtf!!!!!!. On every tab i also looked for links to people and clicked on those. I just listened to the march 30th podcast and nothing. I fucking give up someone just pm me the answer or kill me!!!
#102 Posted by arab_prince (2117 posts) -
@Hockeymask27: for every page you open up, control F this phrase    He is commonly regarded as the most important man in the video games industry.
#103 Posted by spiceninja (3141 posts) -
@Hockeymask27:  He's in the Mass Effect 2 credits. You must have missed him when clicking open tabs. His first and last name kind of rhyme and his last name has a word in it that is commonly associated with trees and log cabins.
#104 Posted by AuthenticM (4244 posts) -

Found it. :)

#105 Posted by Hockeymask27 (3687 posts) -

Found it... Just so you guys know i clicked on that page3 times already. Even once form the mass effect 1 page. Talk about a glitch.

#106 Edited by BetaMax (172 posts) -

 THIS MAN!!!!!!?????
#107 Posted by BetaMax (172 posts) -

This is the Man?!?!  

#108 Posted by Psych0Penguin (428 posts) -

I know the answers to the riddles but how do I complete them? Just going to their page does nothing ... am I missing something?

#109 Posted by Milkman (17849 posts) -

Finally, got it. And I don't understand it at all. What the hell is this about? And how could anyone have guessed that?

#110 Posted by BetaMax (172 posts) -

This is the Man?!?!  

#111 Posted by Turambar (7149 posts) -
@Wiseblood said:
" The hoodie blazer guy used to be a spokesperson for one of the console companies but then suddenly disappeared from the spotlight. "
Oh fucking thank you.  Now I just have one left for that set.
#112 Posted by damswedon (3221 posts) -
@AHappyPanda said:
" The guy who turned out to be the hooded blazer guy, I thought for SURE was who GB would consider the most important man in video games. "
yeah i got the hooded blazer when expecting the most important guy quest
#113 Posted by damswedon (3221 posts) -

oh god the most important guy is also on the Amped 3 credits.

#114 Posted by AllanIceman (1344 posts) -

Finally got it! It was the only one in the set that I didn't get right away.  
I remember them talking about him but couldn't  remember who it was.
Hooded blazer was the easiest, no clue needed. Thought he was most important man. 

#115 Posted by MKHavoc (1303 posts) -

So I finally got this one.  It's a guy I'd never heard of before and don't remember the guys ever mentioning him on the Bombcast. 

#116 Edited by EpicSteve (6910 posts) -
@TripMasterMunky said:

" Got it. Would never have gotten it if not for the hints in the first post.  Now, anyone want to hint me for the Famous Friends quest where it's about some dude in an MMORPG? That's the only one I need and I have no clue. "

He's across the pond... A land with famous lords. 
EDIT: See you already got it. Well, it's there for anyone else.
#117 Posted by SolidEyeSystem (76 posts) -
@BetaMax:  Yep!
#118 Posted by Peanut (964 posts) -

Gotta say that that was the worst quest ever. The secret one just made absolutely no sense.

#119 Posted by MrKlorox (11142 posts) -

Wow. This one was the worst one ever.

#120 Posted by benitobb (321 posts) -

Went to ME2 credits for Most Important Man and got it on the first person I picked. Somehow I knew who it was gonna be after seeing the names on the page.
#121 Posted by Brenderous (1185 posts) -

It's not Shigeru Miyamoto? Wow.

#122 Posted by PJ (1169 posts) -
@RobotHamster said:
" the guy with the hoodie and blazer, argggghhhh! "
I'll give you a hint, Zune.
#123 Posted by MegaMetaTurtle (419 posts) -
@UnlivedPhalanx said:
" I was offended it wasn't Shigeru Miyamoto, that man is a God in this industry for all his contributions. "
First name I tried :(
#124 Posted by EternalInfinity0 (170 posts) -

Damn! I'm disappointed that I had to consult this thread to find it. I should have known it immediately.

#125 Posted by Emiel (585 posts) -
@UnlivedPhalanx said:
" I was offended it wasn't Shigeru Miyamoto, that man is a God in this industry for all his contributions. "
You were "offended"?
#126 Posted by Peacefulpaul108 (59 posts) -
@xobballox said:
" I know who it is now, but I can't remember his name! "
Me too!!! Aaargh! :-)
#127 Posted by TheGreatGuero (8882 posts) -

How can it not be Ravi Drums? Why doesn't he have any quest achievements?!

#128 Posted by SJSchmidt93 (4994 posts) -

Well, if you look on the front page you can see the picture of him. 

#129 Posted by EisforExtinction (81 posts) -

That one filled me with rage.

#130 Posted by Vasta_Narada (522 posts) -
@TripMasterMunky: Said man went to space. He also has a nickname, used for the version of himself that was assassinated in the MMO.
#131 Edited by Ariketh (653 posts) -

Lol, while searching for this one, I ended up getting the British Royalty one.
But...seriously? Him? Well, it is their website...



" It's not Shigeru Miyamoto? Wow. "

Yeah. That is the first guy I went to, followed by Ralph Baer and Nolan Bushnell. Obviously, this is a joke. A bad, inside joke, but a joke nonetheless. At least it prevents any sort of controversy by not being serious.
#132 Posted by SmasheControllers (2950 posts) -
@PJ said:
" @RobotHamster said:
" the guy with the hoodie and blazer, argggghhhh! "
I'll give you a hint, Zune. "
Damn it I knew it!
#133 Posted by Skytylz (4070 posts) -

The real answer is John Davison.

#134 Posted by Not_Rage (566 posts) -

Should have been Uwe Boll

#135 Posted by ch13696 (4761 posts) -

Can someone please enlighten me as to how this guy is the most important guy? There's practically nothing on his page.

#136 Posted by Getz (3348 posts) -
@TripMasterMunky:  In regard to the MMORPG famous person, he could be considered a Lord and is responsible for some truly heroic achievements.
#137 Posted by Apparatus_Unearth (3504 posts) -

I found the most important man.

#138 Posted by Apparatus_Unearth (3504 posts) -

And for everyone who hated this quest...I think it's fun to look for real obscure shit.

#139 Posted by Scyllz (74 posts) -

I'm guessing this is an inside joke, but don't remember what it's based off of.

#140 Posted by Zzzleepy (166 posts) -

Finally got it! That's just... why? I don't get it.

#141 Posted by crusader8463 (14744 posts) -

Wow, was that stupid. Just wow.

#142 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19816 posts) -

Got it, and who the fuck...  I just don't get it.

#143 Posted by NekuCTR (1710 posts) -

Whats the MMORPG one that's the only one I need now.

#144 Posted by patwin (41 posts) -

i cant get the hoodie dude hints ppl
#145 Posted by Shotaro (814 posts) -

This guy is very much NOT the most important man in gaming...

#146 Posted by UncleBenny (537 posts) -

the weird thing about the hoodie dude is that I don't ever remember him doing some hoodie combo, I hope they replace his picture with just a hoodie and... shirt, or something. In other news, that hoodie dude do sure love that zune.

#147 Posted by Redbullet685 (6187 posts) -

I dont get how it isnt Miyamoto.

#148 Posted by hamchan (64 posts) -
@UncleBenny: I certainly remember that hoodie combo. I don't think I'll ever forget it XD
#149 Posted by UncleBenny (537 posts) -

Finally found the most important man after all the clues being thrown around by everyone... but WTF?

#150 Posted by Mikemcn (7407 posts) -

Im so proud of myself for figuring out the MMORPG one as fast as I did.