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Hoodie and Blazer is the easiest one.  I remember someone posting that if he made a comeback at E3, Brad would shite himself. In that instant, i knew who it was. 
Most important man one though, I finally got it! but damn! that was an ordeal! 
Just look at the front page and click on anyone with a goatee. 
Thought it was Ryan for a minute.
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Is it in the credits before it starts moving too fast to read????? And the ME2 credits are.... here

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I was hoping it was something sarcastic so I looked up Bobby Kotick. I'm stumped.

#154 Posted by Mikemcn (7459 posts) -

I googled the hint as it would have been written on the wiki page, and found him.

#155 Posted by Capum15 (5118 posts) -

I got that one by brute force...still don't really know who he is. Never heard of him until now at least.

Then I was stuck on "Changing The Game" until I thought of a certain, umm, game.
Still, never even heard of that guy until now.

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Can somebody send me a link to the Mass Effect 2 credits? I just cannot find them
Edit: Never Mind I got him.
PS: For anyone still stuck just google the hint

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@Roflwaffles: Thank you for that.  I was going crazy about not finding this person.  Not a good job with the quest IMO.  All the rest have been good but not that one.  Truly awful design.
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HAHA! I finally figured out who the blazer guy is. The effed up thing? I knew it all along and couldn't put the name ot the face. I even started seraching youtube for the Xbox 360 launch and E3 press confrenses and stuff. I had that image of him trying to squat like a cool guy with Elijah wood hosting the party.

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My first thoughts were Miyamoto and Romero

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 Wow I found it. Man, thats dumb. GB should really change it to someone legitimate and recognizable, like Miyamoto or Ralph Baer. Or at least an in-joke I would be in on, like Matt Rorie or something. If people are still looking, I can confirm that YES, it is on the Mass Effect 2 credits page.

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Yup, dude was only mentioned once on the Bombcast.  That Jeff sure knows how to pick 'em.

#162 Posted by Asurastrike (2254 posts) -

Any answers that aren't Miyamoto or Sakaguchi are wrong.

#163 Posted by Shiro_Shishi (139 posts) -

I had no idea who this guy was. Glad to have found him though!

#164 Posted by HitmanAgent47 (8553 posts) -

Finally got it, I don't think he's even remotely the most important man in the video game industry. Thanks for the hints though, otherwise I wouldn't have figured it out in a billion years.

#165 Posted by ArchScabby (5877 posts) -

I just need the MMO one, anyone wanna help me out?

#166 Posted by Marz (5723 posts) -
@ArchScabby said:
" I just need the MMO one, anyone wanna help me out? "
space, the final frontier :)
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@UnlivedPhalanx said:
" I was offended it wasn't Shigeru Miyamoto, that man is a God in this industry for all his contributions. "
Yeah I was 100% sure it would be Miyamoto.
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@HitmanAgent47 said:
" Finally got it, I don't think he's even remotely the most important man in the video game industry.
It's a joke.
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Glad someone else tried the pong and tetris creators.
#170 Posted by zerok (216 posts) -

I'm just glad it wasn't Bobby Kotick :-P

#171 Posted by J0n3s1 (293 posts) -

There is that quest article on main page and it shows picture of that person we all are looking for.

#172 Posted by RagingLion (1378 posts) -

Got it.  Got it.  The hints did their job.  Don't think I'd have got it otherwise.

#173 Posted by Astras (1064 posts) -

Peter Molineux's bullshit is pretty important.

#174 Posted by J0n3s1 (293 posts) -

Where i can find this Mass effect 2 credits page!?

#175 Posted by Capum15 (5118 posts) -
@WalkerTR77 said:
" @SJSchmidt93: Glad someone else tried the pong and tetris creators. "
That's the first thing that popped into my mind when I heard about this.
"Well, they pretty much created video games, so I'd say they were pretty damned important."
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I had never neven heard of him.

#177 Posted by OldManLight (1081 posts) -
@Wiseblood: thanks dude, got it right after that.
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We all know it's Cliffy B. ;)

#179 Posted by kingjulesxii (84 posts) -

Is it a voice actor?

#180 Posted by Life_Cycle (119 posts) -

where can i get the ME2 credits page?

#181 Posted by adoggz (2081 posts) -

why the if is that guy "the most important man in the video game industry?" is it because he worked on amped 3

#182 Posted by Fritzerbacon (168 posts) -
@TripMasterMunky said:
" I need this one as well as the person related with the MMORPG. no clue on that one. "
The title 'British Royalty' is a big hint with this one. 
#183 Posted by s7evn (1067 posts) -

That was a very annoying answer. I'm not sure I understand the joke.

#184 Posted by Andre (40 posts) -

Still can't figure out the MMORPG one. The hints would've probably done it if I knew anything at all about MMORPGs, but alas I'm MMO-retarded. 

#185 Posted by rapsney (35 posts) -
@RobotHamster:@RobotHamster said:
" I thought it was Rich Gallup but no luck, its killing me, and also the guy with the hoodie and blazer, argggghhhh! "
The man with the hoddie is fond of giraffes
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All those who need the secret one just brute force the Mass Effect 2 page that what i did  his  name kinda rymes aas well

#187 Posted by TheChadster789 (41 posts) -

I'm totally stumped, and I looked at both Amped 3 and ME2's pages. Found nothing. Anyone PM me the answer or at least another hint, initials maybe?

#188 Posted by CL60 (17120 posts) -
@TheChadster789 said:
" I'm totally stumped, and I looked at both Amped 3 and ME2's pages. Found nothing. Anyone PM me the answer or at least another hint, initials maybe? "
He worked at Capcom in public relations.
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it's someone that I bet you 100000000000000000000000 dollars you've never heard of

#190 Posted by TheChadster789 (41 posts) -

lol thanks, I just got it

#191 Posted by bigsmoke77 (841 posts) -
@rapsney: Thank you, first real good hint
#192 Posted by jakob187 (22347 posts) -

Just got it.  Wow.  Just wow.

#193 Posted by LiK (1094 posts) -

damn, thanks for the clues. this "important" guy was a shock compared to the rest....

#194 Posted by rjayb89 (7806 posts) -
@jakob187: I know, right?  Congrats!
#195 Posted by Asurastrike (2254 posts) -

I got it, but I still have no clue who he is.

#196 Posted by Dipstick (553 posts) -

I finally got it by going through every single person credited on the Amped 3 page.
I still have no idea why he is so important but whatever................

#197 Posted by onimonkii (2531 posts) -

for those still looking: check the all emails bombcast from 12-22-2009

#198 Posted by sjolle (172 posts) -
@FrankCanada97 said:
" @Scarlet_Rogue: You have to click credits on the left hand side. "
i just wend throo that list that's probably the best hint given imo =)
 good luck for you who don't have it yet =)
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@TripMasterMunky: His name goes on all of his own games, plus he's a space man
#200 Posted by yakov456 (1966 posts) -
@ZipCrash said:
" Yes he is in the ME2 credits page, just look for the person who's name rhymes per a clue somebody gave earlier in this thread.  Anybody have any other hints for the MMORPG guy? He's the only one I have left.  EDIT: NVM Found it. If anybody else is having issues this clue that was given earlier is all you need for the MMO guy: "he is a British lord" "
Without this clue, there is NO way I would have ever gotten the most important man quest. Thanks.