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This is killing me, I read the description for every Bombcast in the archive.
Please, I need some hints! 

 I beg you!

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 If you mean the secret quest, here's a hint.  The Bomb Cast usurped his hotel room to listen to Paul Barnett talk about UB Funkeys.

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Mentioned for the first time 8 minutes in, introduced as "Music Man Extraordinaire"

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@Turambar:@Marz:@OroJackson:  You people are all gods, thank you!!
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He is (very) vaguely connected to pinball machines.

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@OroJackson:  Hi - I'm also trying to complete this question - can you give the date of the bombcast - I'm happy to listen to the first 8 minutes but I am having trouble narrowing down which one it is. Thank you :)
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GDC 2009: Day 1
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i need more hints for the answer thats not the pigment game