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Just as the title says. I need a few hints on the quests here to complete the sets. No spoilers, please, I'll be able to figure it out given enough time. 
AV Club- Secret Quest, Rerunner (I'm unsure about the latter, do I just rerun a video clip, Bombcast, or something else?) 
Famous Friends- Secret Quest (looked up Ralph Baer, Nolan Bushnell, Miyamoto- no dice. Hint, please.) 
Hearing Voices- Handful of Gravel, Due North (I also need the All Your Powers Combined one, but I'm convinced that a look at the IMDB would help with the hint provided)  
Generation Gap- Flash in the Pan, Founding Fathers, Can I Get Some Quarters? (I have some of the answers, but I'm stumped on the others) 
Any hints would be nice, thanks.

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Due North has its own Giant Bomb award in its honor. Also, searching the board first usually helps.

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AV Club - Unsure. Sorry! 
Famous Friends - This guy's got offer's coming in En Masse. 
Hearing Voices - Gravel: Looked in any boxes lately? North. The answers are found on a Complex Chart. But, before you do that, listen to Creed.  
Generation Gap: 
 -Flash in the Pan: Two of them should've stuck to TV's and cell phones. One simply wasn't NECessary. And one was just too damn expensive! 
 -Founding Fathers: Yar! Extraterrestrials and Swords surround you from the air and sea! 
 -Can I Get Some Quarters is something you've probably said more than once while playing these fan favorites.  
Hope they help. If not....then I apologize. : 3 
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AV Club: The Secret Quest involves doing something rather annoying without actually being annoying. The comments in most videos should clue you in that people are trying to attain something. As for Rerunner...what kind of TV shows have their episodes in re-runs or syndication? Perhaps you should view Giant Bomb videos that are similar in vein.

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For Rerunner, I traveled back in time to the days of infinite possibilities and wonder...