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No hints needed, it's all pretty self explanatory. 
But what do you all think of this new kind of quest?  
I like what they did with it, it's a neat way to help out the site.
Edit: Damn double posting, end this one please, or the other one, whichever. Haha

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I think this is a great way to get ad revenue and at the same time provide content and fun. I approve! 

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It's The Last Airbender of Giantbomb quest points.

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Nice, original way to get some ad revenue.

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The funny thing is, there are no Best Buys in New Zealand. Your advertising does nothing to me... NOTHING! 
I think it's a cool idea, plus, whatever puts dough on the proverbial table.

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@Mmmslash said:
" It's The Last Airbender of Giantbomb quest points. "
You mean The Burning Earth, right?
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I find it a "gargantuan" waste of my time.
Well, not really, this is the smart advertising I'm looking for. I kinda wish the quests were a little more related to Best Buy, or the laptops they are trying to sell.
And yes, I did that for the quest.

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A nice way to do ad revenue and I hope they'll do it for future games as well like a Littlebigplanet 2 one or Dead Space 2.

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It's great.

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Interesting way to get me to click on an ad.   Cause I'm gonna do it.  I can't not get easy EXP.  I can't not do it.   I am compelled by EXP!

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Seems simple which is excellent, not sure how I feel about the click to an external link quest though.

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I deleted the other post as this one got replies! 
In other news, I think sponsored quests are a-ok. Seems like the kind of unobtrusive advertising folks around here (both staff and users) would appreciate.
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@Video_Game_King:  Right.
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On occasion, I tend to enjoy the Best Buy. However, these quests seem kind of random, and having a quest actually go to a page to buy one of their laptops is kinda....odd.

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They did seem unusually easy.

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My thoughts?  FIRST TO FINISH AHAHAHA.  Yeah... anyways, it doesn't bother me at all.  Good way to get some profits for the site.

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I think it's cool as hell. Probably the neatest way to work in advertising.

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Great way to cash in on people's obsession with achievements :o

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Ads in quests is weird... and kinda scary...

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As others have said, I think it's an interesting way to combine advertising with the site. It's better than having gigantic graphics taking up the entire homepage background.

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Inexplicable!  (that's a long enough word)

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Ehh, advertising doesn't bother me too much. Whatever keeps these guys in business is fine with me.

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I need to have 5 of my friends online at once? Time to start following people.

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Any way I can give back to the crew I am content with.  This also seems like a pretty neat idea.  Definitely a lot more clever than an EYE BLASTER

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It's easy, cheap points, enough will do it for the bonus, and Best Buy is at least someplace I would spend money.  I'm waiting for a quest set devoted to hamburgers sponsored by Burger King.

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I think it's a very clever way of advertising, though I had no problem with the previous ads.

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New Quest are always considerable to me. :D

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I'd rather they stick to things like banner ads that I can just AdBlock.  I'd rather keep the site clean of ads "unconditionally," especially of Best Buy and their shady/misleading/sometimes downright criminal ploys.
Question about the friends one.  By "friends" do they mean "people you're Following"?

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interesting approach to advertising that's for sure.

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  You'll earn +5000 bonus XP if 200 users complete this set this week. Sponsored by Best Buy™.
That says 200, but the counter says 6000.
 And it really is 5000 points. FIVE THOUSAND.
Feels like the damn Price is Right in here.
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I don't usually enjoy commenting on the site, but I will for free dumb points!

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Sponsored quests... a little ugly, a little jarring, but ultimately no big deal, I think.
Except for the one where the quest was "click on an ad". That one creeped me out. I don't like the idea of Giant Bomb going into adverquesting.

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If it helps the site going, then I don't see why since it's optional if you want to do the quests or not.

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its ok, advertising in quests is a little strange, but whatever.

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Finally some ads. Good to see this site is in buisness.

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I really like how Best Buy understood that teaming up with Giant Bomb's quest system was a good advertising choice over normal banner ads.

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@Death_Unicorn: Eight character words, are hardly "BIG" words
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i'll do any quest that i can so it's no big deal

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This quest is a little too extemporaneous for me.
Im simply not ready!

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Really great way to advertise. I wouldn't have clicked that link before.

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i do not like it.....at all....
Oh wait, i do not  appreciate it.
there....fuck im weak

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@Mmmslash said:
" It's The Last Airbender of Giantbomb quest points. "
That's the quote of the day right there. Love it.
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Definitely too easy, not interesting when it tells you exactly what to do.

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An interesting idea on a quest though right now, especially after getting a laptop not too long ago, I could care less about another one unless someone is just going to give me a new alienware laptop :P.  Quite possibly the easiest quest block series around, most of the time taken up with the quest was pulling up the information on each quest to get those done.

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I think that this quest is the beesknees.

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Fecundity is a neat word.

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This is a  more recreational quest set.

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For the quest.