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Is it just me or has it been longer than normal for us to not get any new quests? 12 Days of Whiskey was the last set if I am not mistaken, so we are at about 3 months + without new quests. Yes, I am getting withdrawals. Maybe we will have something with the official NA Vita launch coming up this week...

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@Sammo21: Doesn't that make it only about 2 months? 12 Days of Whiskey became available starting in the middle of December and ending on Christmas, and it hasn't even been a full 2 months since Christmas Day.

Though yes, I sort of expected a new quest set sometime in February. Maybe something to do with the Vita launch, except I don't know even know what the theme would be, aside from "yo dawg, here's a bunch of Sony handheld games, and man, backtouch is a dumb idea". They probably could've done a Twisted Metal-related quest set all about car combat, since this is probably the last chance they're going to get, given how dead car combat is and how nobody is going to buy Twisted Metal.

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@BisonHero: yeah, it would be about 2 months if I wasn't writing at 2 in the morning and new how to count :p

I'm sure they've been busy, but they could do a quest set on handhelds and launch titles or something. Who knows.

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I'm kind of surprised that there weren't any for Reckoning. Guess it wasn't quite important enough. Good news is that there will most likely be some for Mass Effect 3's launch in a couple weeks.

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Interns were the ones who created most of the quests and they have fewer interns now.

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I'm almost done a set right now actually :)

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Is there a mod or something I can ask about a quest not triggering? Something happened with my 12 Days of Whiskey Quest, I did everything, but one of them got "unlocked" somehow... I remember when it "popped," it was weird, the screen sorta spazzed, froze and the message came up then disappeared. I assumed it was OK... but I guess not. It makes me a little sad for whatever reason.

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@INV2: The "6 Non-Explosives Sploding" quest has been bugged for some time, i assume the staff know about it by now.
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I must admit I am surprised there have not been any for Mass Effect 3 yet.

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quest withdrawal

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@Turbo_Toaster said:

I'm almost done a set right now actually :)

In time for Mass Effect 3 perhaps? ;)

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I guess not...

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I'm missing the quests. Please do more quests

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Perhaps something big is on the way.

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Hey guys, not sure what the fate of Quests are. It's my fervent hope that I may take the reigns on the Quest department and juice it right up. I've had a lot of wild ideas kicking around my head for awhile now, I suppose only time will tell.

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@Turbo_Toaster:That would be awesome. I realize there is a lot of change going on around here and things will be coming and going, but the quests are something unique that keeps people engaged and introduces them to new content that they may not otherwise look for. Would hate to see it go away.

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Any updates? I really am so close to level 32

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Bump, man I could use some Quest Love and not just this guy.

I know y'all got big stuff going on, but I hope quests come back!

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@Turbo_Toaster said:

Hey guys, not sure what the fate of Quests are. It's my fervent hope that I may take the reigns on the Quest department and juice it right up. I've had a lot of wild ideas kicking around my head for awhile now, I suppose only time will tell.

Any news by chance?

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Oh...you silly little level 32s.


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Not really much to report just yet, and not sure if I'll be the one to report it. I had this small hope I'd get to take the controls of the Quest section someday (do stuff like a new design for the hub area and a boss battles). Not sure if it would even be feasible but I had this notion of a boss battle quest every month for subscribers where the first five to complete get a rare plain GB tee. Quests have the potential to be really cool, I feel like it hasn't had a chance to evolve since the site was so busy just growing in general.

Plus, I really want to draw gnarly monsters.

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@Turbo_Toaster said:

Plus, I really want to draw gnarly monsters.

Then why not have a battle with ?

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@Turbo_Toaster: Not going to lie, that sounds fucking awesome.

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@Video_Game_King: There will be no fighting among cartoonists! I will not have that.

@Turbo_Toaster: This sounds like it would be a lot of fun. If you need any help I would be more than willing to be your asset-generating lackey. I've got a few years experience drawing/animating for interactive/web media.

Plus, I want to draw really girly monsters.

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I'd go for more quests, easily. I just wish that more attention is paid to what pages are tagged as valid quest answers. I can't count the number of times that I tried pages that seemed like completely valid, obvious answers to quest hints only to find out that nope, nothing doing.

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@Hailinel: Yeah I hear you, I think I've only ever done the writing of Quests a handful of times because I'm horrible at it lol

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I miss quests...not the reason I come to GB obviously but still they were fun to do. Thanks for the updates Turbo_Toaster.

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I miss quests :(. And not the ones that would happen any time a big game released. I'm talking the legit quest sets that sent me all over the wiki.