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Since one of the quests, welcome wagon, required you to follow new users... I figured it might be nice to ask some new users if they'd like to be followed. So new user, would you like some followers? Would you like to get to know some of the GB members and then be followed... 
Go ahead and post in here if you're actually looking for new followers AND you'd like to know who it is first... We're friendly, and not just cause it accomplishes quests. 

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Yes, I'd like followers, I also need to know of 10 new users that I can follow back, since the new user list isn't working or is nowhere to be found like it is on the other WM sites.

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I'd like to be followed please. And anybody who follows me will in turn be followed back as a gesture of good will. :-)

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I'm not a new user, but I would like some followers. 
Only if they like to read stupid stuff.

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I'd love followers!

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consider yourselves followed, please follow back and post on each others walls for the other quests.

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Any more new users out there?

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Followed a few of the folks who posted in here. Hope that helped.
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Looking for followers, please. Thank you!
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Just followed everybody in the thread...I don't do much of the community interaction stuff (boards, follow, etc...) but I figured I could try to help some people out.  Thanks.

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ya im not new but i finally made an account when the membership thing happened so id love some followers

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Great idea to round up the new users like cattle. Perfect.......err I mean great place to meet and greet the new users.

#13 Posted by Guv_Bubbs (62 posts) -

Yes Please, thank you guys

#14 Posted by rolfmayo (22 posts) -

I'd love to be followed!  *sob*

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I wouldn't mind a few followers. I'm not new per se, but back on GB after a long time.

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Always interested in getting new followers and will follow all who will follow me. 
If you follow me......

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I'm not new, but new to actually using the site, if that makes sense.  I'd like to follow and be followed in returned.

#18 Posted by EvilEmpire (32 posts) -

Need followers, will follow.

#19 Posted by BIGfootASH (5 posts) -

Please follow and I will lead :) 
Also a fancy word quest: don't forget to take a Prophylactic to the party...

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I could do with some followers.  I'll follow anyone who wants following too.

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Usually with social sites, I don't really follow/friend random folks.  However, sometimes on gaming sites I will because people may have some good info to share.  So here, I will follow people in this thread, and I'd be happy to have people follow me.  And hopefully I'll get working on my blog soon.  Just joined today though, so be patient with me :)

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Y'all can follow the heck out of me, if it pleases you.  I'll follow you back.  Obliged...much so. 

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Wow! This has worked quite well, I've just hit the 25 mark. Thanks guys!

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What constitutes as new?

#26 Posted by WOBAG (166 posts) -

I wouldn't mind some followers either!

#27 Posted by Bestostero (2919 posts) -

I could use followers, i'll return the favor of course!

#28 Posted by CrazySonOfABitch (143 posts) -

Follow and i shalt follow you back :D

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 I could do with some followers.  I'll follow anyone who follow me. :)  

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I'd like some followers please, lol.

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It's weird seeing all these new people, these boards more than most others are dominated by the same few personalties.

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You can follow me if ya want! :) just don't stalk me! xD thank you!

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@JessicaBoo: Is that a challenge?
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@eroticfishcake said:
" @JessicaBoo: Is that a challenge? "
O_o i dunno! xD im not here for achievos! Just helping out the achievo seekers!
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I could use some followers.
Or, in another language I can haz followerz plez?

#37 Posted by Spellbot5000 (111 posts) -

Not all that new, but I could the full 25. Thanks!

#38 Posted by flufflogic (321 posts) -

I could do with followers, but I don't think I class as "new" any more...

#39 Posted by Bloodgraiv3 (2729 posts) -

I'd like to be followed aswell. 
Ill follow you back.
#40 Posted by tskunk (158 posts) -

I could also use some followers -- will return the favor, of course!

#41 Posted by Ares_26 (22 posts) -

I would like followers.

#42 Posted by LucyGlitter (246 posts) -

Followed some of you guys for ya!

#43 Posted by BlackPhoenix23 (10 posts) -

I just joined and could use some followers

#44 Posted by Pokechapp (91 posts) -

Following the thread thus far. Followers would be cool. I write stuff on things sometimes. I think this site allows you to view what I say or something. It might be good, might be bad, might be awkward... You know how it goes.

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Followers would be nice, more than happy to follow back!

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I'm not a new user, but I'd like some followers

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I needs the followers too please

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Follow me and I will follow you.

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PICK ME,PICK ME! If you follow me,i shalt follow you :3

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Followers would be swell, in return I'd do the same. It's only fair.