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Was just wondering when the next might be, arr they just set whenever they want to put them up or at a set time? Just wondering since I like doing them so much. :)
Whats everyone elses take on the community quest sets? Enjoy? Hate?

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They just post them whenever they feel like it (when the need some page hits in other words) i suppose. 
I'm not that fond of them myself. I'm all for quests that motivate people to improve the wiki but the community quests so far have just been meaningless trivia questions that i really do not care all that much for.

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I absolutely hate the quests - only because they tap into ... that part of me where I just need to complete things. As a result, I'm spending time finding the name of an obscure voice actor when I could be  improving a game's wiki. They're an untapped potential I reckon, if somehow the staff can utilise the Quest system to improve their database and site, I'd be all for that.

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why do you want another one? we failed miserably last time.

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I like them when they are actually possible. Unlike the last one, which was impossible.

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The last one was challenging to say the least hahaha, but yea im sure the next one that they release the count for completion will be more achievable. Like Zero said I think me having to complete things like that once I start has something to do with why I enjoy them.

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Ill be helping this time guys ! :D

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the last one was doable with the help of the forums and hint threads. Although I do agree that there is untapped potential with the quests I do enjoy a good scavenger hunt as well so I've enjoyed what they've done so far

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@Will: next week along with a fixed and improved search
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I'm callin' it: Quests are going to go the way of the guides and trivia sections. You heard it here first.