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Like many others, I have not been able to complete a single video-related quest since I joined the site. I can see in a previous forum post that there is potentially no one working on the quest system at giant bomb currently, and that people are speculating that the quest system will be removed all together. Is there any truth/proof to these claims? Is there a workaround to getting the video quests complete? I've got quite a large number of sets that are fully complete but for the video segments. Thanks!

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I remember the guy who allegedly coded most of the quest system (that's what people were saying anyway) got fired from Giant Bomb soon after. I was never really sure why. He stayed there for like, weeks. Quest support continued after that though, and I think the quest-making duties eventually delegated to interns. I think quests stopped coming when they got acquired by CBSi and ended their internship program.

This is why we need interns.

I hope they don't discontinue the quest system. When they're clever they make for some amusing scavenger hunts. I've also poured more time into them than I'd care to admit to be anything less than frustrated to see that "Level 27" just go away.

I remember the day the feature was released and everyone was going just batshit insane trying to figure out every single available quest. Some were insanely hard. When you consider that excitement it's pretty weird to think that it's lost support like it has. It's comparable to the excitement people had with the Trivia feature when it was released, and how now no one seems to talk about it.

Still, the weekly quest sets got attention, and I hope they bring that stuff back.

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@Snail: Thanks Snail. It would be nice to hear from the higher-ups about this, I'll send an email to the bombcast. Does anyone know when the last quest set was added?

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@Crackinwise said:

Does anyone know when the last quest set was added?

I believe it was the Christmas set from last year.

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I think the quests which involve watching videos stopped working right around the time the video player got updated, no? Regardless, I'm sure all of the attention for this sort of thing is going towards the new website right now.

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@Snail I'm soooo freaking close to 27! I should look around and see if I can get some more.
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Well if none of the video ones will work I'll stop trying haha.

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This was just posted on Gerstmann's tumblr:

Anonymous asked:

Is it just me or are all the quests on the site that involve watching videos broken?

- Maybe? I don’t know, since they’re not coming over to the new site, we haven’t really looked at quests much lately.

So, the real news here is that quests are going away - this is the first time I've heard that however. I'll just bury that nugget in this thread and assume word will spread.

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@ApolloBob: Thats a bummer.