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By this, I mean you didn't use any hints or easy exploits or anything like that. No, Super Sup Check nor anything else in that vein counts. I'm talking about stuff like Critic of Critics or that Martin Luther thing. For an example, yes, I did the latter legitimately, and almost the former. Then I discovered that you just have to click yes OR no at the bottom, at which point I searched for shitty reviews I could un-recommend without feeling bad for it. What? I don't see you doing any better....yet.

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I got a few of the easier ones "Man behind the Monk Chants" everything in "AV Club", "Famous Friends" and "Broken Toys" by myself.  Near everything else I went into hintland to get though.

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I got Sonny Listin' on my own. 
I haven't finished them yet, but it's only a matter of time on Lend Me Your Ears, and South Boston. 
I'm pretty sure I also got Broken toys and AV Club on my own.

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I've completed these sets with no help from other users, just the power of the giantbomb search, google and wikipedia: 

  • Basic Building Blocks
  • Broken Toys
  • Time To Call Ziggy
  • Reach For The Stars
  • Famous Friends (except for The Most Important Man In The Industry, because what the eff?)
  • Generation Gap
  • Music Appreciation 101
  • Join The Force
I think the hardest one was RPG Scavenger.. and the one I felt most bad about looking at hints for was the Globe-Trotter one... I kinda feel like I could've made it on my own. :/
Don't think I've found any "exploits" yet though.
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i did them all without exploits o_o i didn't even know there were any.

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@jadeskye said:
" i did them all without exploits o_o i didn't even know there were any. "
An example: those people who spam blogs until they hit 20, or open muted videos in tabs they can ignore.
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The one which I had to have a bunch of followers or follow a bunch of people. 
Hell the moment the quests when online it just gave me the quest achievement. I think I'm like #30ish or something.

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I did almost all of them without "exploits," but I did look up a lot of hints for the searching ones.

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Every quest I have is legitimate except the "earn an insane number of points in one edit" ones. I earned them restoring vandalised pages from google cache's. Also, a lot of the video ones I got from watching lots of relatively short trailers, but I actually watched them, I didn't open them all in separate tabs and let them run.

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all of the list ones. theres a few really easy ones I dont have like linking a blog to the forums.
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Seeing that period as an update, I'd beg to differ :P.
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@Video_Game_King said:

" @MattyFTM:   Seeing that period as an update, I'd beg to differ :P. "

I just did that this morning to double check that I did indeed forget to update my status yesterday, and thus lost all of my super sup check progress (about 10 days worth). I update my status via twitter, and I thought I had updated it yesterday, since I did tweet yesterday, but I noticed that my status was from a couple days ago, and posted that "." to double check that was the case. It turns out I only @replied and retweeted yesterday, which don't get carried through to Giant Bomb statuses, and thus I lost my progress. That period as my status won't help me get super sup check, as I have officially given up on that quest now.
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Only expoited one, and that was the Halo: Reach Ask Me Anything video because I wasn't logged in when I first watched it.

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Wait, you still don't have Super Sup Check? Damn. I got that around the time when everybody else got it, and my laptop (my only means of updating, really) was gone for a few weeks during that time.
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@Video_Game_King: Yeah, I keep missing a day out, and my progress gets reset. Then I give up and vow that I'm never going to get Super Sup Check. Then, a few days later I embark on the quest again. It's been an ongoing cycle since the quests launched.