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Dave mentions in his article that they might be adding a passive xp system to forums posts, comments and wiki edits. Pretty awesome to do that with wiki edits but do you reckon that adding it to forum posts would increase the amount of pointless forum posts that dont really say anything important (view my forum history for examples)? I thought that a forum rating system could be handy, something like.......thumbs up-thumbs down? +10xp for every thumb up? Or maybe just don't do it at all. The staff have probably already thought this through. 
Also does anybody else wish that your level could be displayed in the forums? Underneath your avatar or next to your post counts? Some kind of leaderboard could be cool aswell.

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A initial point for the first post. Just that, or will lead to pontless spamming. 
Even the thumbs up system can be broken if two spammers get together bump up each others posts. 

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It would raise the "In before lock" and "I'm just a moron who don't know anything about this but I posted something anyway because I get XP" -posts on the forums, so please god no. 

It would be fine if it was just for wiki edits. 

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Maybe at every 100 posts you get a chunk of xp?

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No, there is already enough blog spam.

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XP for approved Wiki Tasks. 
That'd be great.

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I think it would be better to reward viewing the forums, rather than posting. Say, 50 exp every day you go on the forums. That encourages people to be active without encouraging spam.

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I changed my mind. No xp for posts. 

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We all ready had the blog spam and off topic spam. You really wanna reward them for posts and just let them spam?
So a passive exp system for posts? So giantbomb will become all about the points?

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Ah well, theres always another day....

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I would say no to xp for posting. but yes to showing the users levels.

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Weird I thought there was. Maybe I was just seeing things, cause I thought I saw it increase. 
Edit: nope. I was wrong. Also I think it would be cool if they added an xp bar at the bottom.

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@Tactical_Kill said:

Edit: nope. I was wrong. Also I think it would be cool if they added an xp bar at the bottom.

What do you mean?
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I think this whole xp quest system is a huge waste of effort on their part. I don't think e-peen numbers, postcounts such contributes to anything in any good way. I'd rather have the forums stripped of everything except their name and time of posting, but I guess I'm just wierd that way.

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Follower quest raised the amount of pointless following, blog quest greatly increased the number of pointless blogs.  
Exp for forum posts will unsurprisingly raise the number of pointless forum posts. I personally think it's a terrible idea. Unlike possible xp for wiki edits, forum posts can't possibly be moderated as closely. 

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I personally think it could be a good idea. As always though there are going to be problems with it. I think XP for forum posts would be a good idea, providing it was like the system that was introduced on the Call of Duty Headquarters website, which is actually the official Call of Duty website. But anyway, how it worked was that the topic creator got five XP for making the thread, and then anyone who posted got two XP or something. Basically, it was small enough XP amounts to make it hard to spam without being spotted and flagged, and yet, the XP was extremely useful for levelling up.  Providing you were active on the forums. I don't think a thumbs up and down idea would work terribly well, because I know users likely have opinions of each other (I wonder what opinions of me are like...), and as such could abuse reputation to put someone down or someone up.  
I like the idea of giving XP on forum posts, but make spamming a flaggable offense. If they're caught spamming, how about 'locking' their XP? Basically, they could not complete Quests and could not earn XP. It could be locked for any amount of time. Also: this would obviously be something for Moderators and Staff to use.

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Nope, but I think you should get XP for playing Robot Unicorn Attack.

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 Anything that promotes spam and stupid posts should be avoided.
@Astras said:

" Nope, but I think you should get XP for playing Robot Unicorn Attack. "

This man has the right idea
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" Maybe at every 100 posts you get a chunk of xp? "
Ya, maybe in chunks and milestones. Single posts would cause spam.
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No thank you, would be a bunch of spam.

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@Frawdder said:
"  Anything that promotes spam and stupid posts should be avoided.
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Yeah... no. Please don't give exp for posting. I can only lead to bad times. And I'm someone who would "benefit" more then most and I still don't want it. People should post because they want to discuss and chat about stuff. Not to level up a stupid quest.

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No and I think they're regretting some of these quests they made up now. However you should get points if you have more than 200 blogs.

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@Frawdder said:
"  Anything that promotes spam and stupid posts should be avoided.
@Astras said:

" Nope, but I think you should get XP for playing Robot Unicorn Attack. "

This man has the right idea "
He does, but I must say I was dissapointed when I put that in to the search bar and no such game came up. I suddenly want to play it.
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I'm against any system that encourages worthless or low-quality comments in a discussion, so I'm totally against the idea of post count increasing XP.
The problem's bad enough with having a user's post count listed next to their posts and a Top Posters section for each forum. That seems to encourage a lot of unnecessary negativity where nothing needs to be said, abrupt comments that don't add much to the conversation, and posting quotes without additional comment because a user can't think of anything new to say on their own. If we're going to have an ego-waving stat listed by our posts, I'd much rather it be our quest level/XP (without any additional posting quests, naturally), and/or maybe the date we joined Giant Bomb.
OK, so maybe that last idea's completely biased, since I'd look a lot better with a join date by my name than a post count. Regardless, I'd prefer my readily-visible stats to reflect actions that benefit the site, rather than actions that could drag down its quality.

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It would lead to a whole lot of unwanted spam that no one would enjoy.

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I'm not sure, I mean not every user on Giantbomb is a wikicontributer - I know I'm not. Not enough hours in the day. I use the forms, watch the videos and read the news. Bombcast keeps me going mid week. If you don't get XP from posts, does it not exclude lazy bum users such as myself ? It makes no odds to me, this RPG thing is cute but I don't mind either way.  
I do think little easter eggs hidden in videos would be good. Especially in the endurance run :)

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It could work if it required multiple posts for one point. Make it like Zimbabwe dollars.

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Forum posts no, Wiki edits yeas.