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On the new site there'll be no Quests (or trivia or achievements for that matter), so I thought it'd be cool if everyone took a snapshot/print screen of their quests page (with the number of quests completed, rarest quest, rarest set, etc.) and save it so by the time the new site rolls around we can look back and remember the Quests feature, which I thought was a cool way to browse through wiki entries. Quests will be missed!

Avoid posting it here and wait until Quests actually gets phased out!

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What?! Why the hell are they getting rid of them?! And Achievements too? Argh! And just after I finally finished "Super Sup Check"... sigh.

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@Timnoldzim: Well achievements kind of makes sense since Sony/Microsoft aren't very supportive of any APIs so there's always crazy problems with everyone trying to get it to work with the site. It has been said they might revisit it after the next generation of consoles if they make achievements/trophies more API friendly, however.

Quests is a little unfortunate since they were a pretty cool way for me to check out some wiki entries; at the same time I don't think anyone was particularly into it enough to warrant them to continue supporting it.

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Dave and co. know the people love their quests and I imagine the quest data isn't that hard to back up or save somewhere for later. But yes the feature will be "going away" when the new site rolls around.

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Losing the achivement tracking feature really sucks. It was really handy in checking if people talking shit about certain games had actually played them. (More often than not they hadn't.)
Mass Effect 3 is the worst game of all time by the way.

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@Petiew: Unless they played PC versions that either, didn't require steam, didn't have steam achievements or they hadn't linked their steam account. (Or in some rare cases where their steam account wouldn't link properly and just constantly told you it was 'building'.)

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That's too bad! Here's mine: 

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@DizzyMedal: Yeah, and not everyone linked their profiles either. But it was still good to look through, especially for console games.
I wasn't specifically compaining about ME3, just the first game that came to mind I haven't played.
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At least I don't have to feel bad anymore for having Super Street Fighter 4 stuck on my list for the one time I popped it in to see if it worked. The site didn't update for games you removed from your list that have zero points.

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Yeah...I can understand them going away from it. It was a lot of fun, but I guess it's not the most used feature so they couldn't focus on updating/fixing it. Hated that I lost my Lincoln photo due to a bug with the Christmas quest last year. Anyways, here's my overview.

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Man I love just playing around on the site and completing quests. Oh well maybe I will have to grind some out! Loosing achievement tracking sucks as well, does anybody know of a better site for it?

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@blackneuron: trueachievement.com does good achievement and stats tracking

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Well that's unfortunate, I was looking forward to completing some quests. It seemed like an interesting feature but no use complaining about it.

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I flippin loved hunting for the quests. I thought it was one of the best parts of the site. Maybe it will come back in the future but I'm not holding out hope. Oh well. Quests - never forget!!!

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Never cared about quests. Still, here's mine anyway:

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I was getting close on "Pimp My Profile" - 860 views out of 1000, more than I have any right to expect. Note that this is not a cheap cry for 140 more profile views - I'm ambivalent about it in the end. Quests were neat, but forward we go.

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I never cared about quests and don't care about achievements so I don't mind. The biggest issue with Giant Bomb is it feels like a site where they just try to cram whatever they think is cool in, which is awesome, but not great for building a reliable website.

The only quest I'm proud of was the "First" comment one, and that's because I didn't TRY to get it I just saw a news story clicked it and was first to comment.

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Holy crap, I didn't realize I had done so many of these stupid things!
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Yup, here it is
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Bumping this because the site relaunch is approaching.

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No achievements? Weak

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This is so disappointing... I loved the quests and the achievements made this the go to site to show of my mad skillz. This site has lost a lot of it's appeal to me...

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R.I.P Giant Bomb Quests.