#1 Posted by Roomrunner (1052 posts) -

A simple search bar.  It doesn't need to have auto-fill suggestions, like the main one does.  I've just found myself a couple times wanting to double-check the clue when I'm about to search; and to do that you have to click out, open the pop-up again, then remember it, close it, and search again.

#2 Posted by ahoodedfigure (4555 posts) -

I have to open a couple of extra tabs because when I try to open a quest in another tab just through right-clicking, it gives me the 404, since it's not a full window. Would be nice to have the search bar, with maybe a pop-up tab for Firefox users that sends to the thing you searched for.  I dunno.  Would also be nice to have a list of the things you already found. Sometimes I come back after way too long and I don't remember what I've checked, but that's relatively minor, I guess.

#3 Posted by ShockD (2486 posts) -

Could be useful, although I got used to opening few hundred tabs before starting a quest search.