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What does everyone think of the new quest set? 
I'm personally ok with it, guys gotta get their money where they can.  Also, free XP lol but still, how does everyone else feel about it? 
also, #25 bitches!

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Im all for it. Doesn't effect me in any way whatsoever. The best kind of ad.

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No problem with it whatsoever :)

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I like it, was surprised when a random quest popped up on the side of my screen. I then proceeded to finish the rest in 3 minutes.
#28 to finish :)

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It's a way for them get ad revenue without me having to have googleadservices allowed, pretty sneaky sis.

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At least the site isn't wrapped in an advertisement. That would be annoying.

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As a believer in antidisestablishmentarianism, I say yay. 

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@Jimages said:
" No problem with it whatsoever :) "

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I am okay with it as well as long as it isn't too gratuitous  

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Even though it was waaaaaaaayy to easy, I still love it
#7 to finish :)

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I don't care either way. I won't be doing it anyways, not that we even have best buys over here...

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No problem with it, but i do love the Blue and Yellow colors :3

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This quest is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to easy to complete, but i think the idea is cool :)

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They are stupendous.

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I would like to say hydrochloric acid?

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As long as they put some type of effort into it.

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I despise it.

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Totally fine with a sponsored quest. To be honest, I think it looks really cool to have the pop-ups in a special color with an advertiser logo.
The quest set itself is a little easy, but I'm hoping this gets continued and more interesting use in the future.

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I don't mind it that much. As long as it relates to the site (which it does) then I'm ok with it.

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Not a single negative response so far. This is not what I expected to see upon entering this thread. Good on you, GB community.

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We always have a thread whenever a new ad comes live on the site,

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Absolutely crazy how quick people are finishing this one.

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I think sponsored quests are alright.

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This is better then banners and popups but does it have to be Best Buy? Best Buy and Geek Squad are the worst, and it fills me with pain to see their logo. Also, Tyrannosaurs Rex. 

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It's all good. Just as long as it doesn't get out of hand. Oh and #92. Suck it.

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5000 bonus experience? Sure! More of these.
Really though, it doesn't matter if it's sponsored or not. Clicking one link doesn't change anything for me. They need to get money where they can, and if it helps keep ads to a minimum, and unobtrusive, I'll click all their links once.

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It is definitely better than a lot of ads on other sites.  GiantBomb has given me enough joy that I'll support them.  I even click on the ads when they show up as leaderboards even if I don't care about the product.

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im good with it. no reason to be mad since it doesnt affect my site viewing at all

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I haven't done a quest in ages, but I did this one immediately, as I thought it'd help them out. I'm #17.

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Doesn't hurt anything.

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@Rodiard said:
" Not a single negative response so far. This is not what I expected to see upon entering this thread. Good on you, GB community. "
It's easy achievements for the quest whores. Now if they were hard as well, then we would see some complaints. Just like Sup Check, get the staff to see your profile, and becoming a mod.
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I like new quests. No matter what logo is on them.

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It is what it is. So long as the site isn't getting skinned i ridiculous ways promotional thingies don't really bother me.

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I need more acquaintances to get the last achievement.

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I can't decide if I like it or not. On one hand I am happy they're getting some money for the site by partnering with ads. On the other hand, it makes me feel kind of dirty to be questing for Best Buy. Overall, it's  a cool way to make an ad and I think that's pretty neat. Ads usually suck but this at least makes it a little more fun. 

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So what's the deal with defenestration, eh?

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Absolute yay. The colors look cool, too.

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Who cares if it's sponsored? I think more quests are splendorous.

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Its coo, they are going to have o throw stuff like this out there from time to time.   
One nice thing is that before this quest i didn't know what  sesquipedalian meant. but i do now! yay me

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I'm fine with it. It's good to see that the adds are properly integrated into the site's system and aren't disruptive or obnoxious.
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I actually find it pretty amusing. They don't even have Best Buys here so the ads are falling on deaf ears. I'm also a sucker for easy achievements.

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I like the sponsored Quests.  They are not intrusive or in-your-face and they bring color to the Quest system.

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I need buddies.

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Sponsored quests are fine, just wish there was a bit more to this one as it is on the very easy side of things.

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If it pays the Whiskey Media bills, I won't complain. Plus, with a new cheap laptop from Best Buy (TM) I can go back to school in style!

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I thought it was pretty cool. They didn't make us watch a Verizon and Ford commercial before being able to do it.