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The answer is probably really easy and I will kick myself in the ass when I figure it out. Can someone drop a hint or two?

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What did you think of that one E3 news post?

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That one E3 news post? It was super swell!

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guh, you guys are killing me here.

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You know that great article about E3 you read about today? I'm sure the staff would love if you told them that your really liked it in a comment.

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Disregard that it worked.

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Oh wow, that was easy lol

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Okay, I am kicking myself for being an idiot here but I have commented on several E3 news posts now and still have yet to receive credit for anything. Am I doing something wrong?

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there are so many posts about E3, and searching for an article is not easy on this site.  I'm finding video posts, but not articles.