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I've already got the set so I'm not looking for clues or anything just curious as to what was the very first name that popped into everyone's head when they started on this quest.  For me, given his game development credentials and his popularity on the bombcast, I  immediately thought of Will Wright.

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My first was Miyamoto and I was shocked when it wasn't him but I just completed this set. Now i'm trying to figure out the "My Eyes" one in Broken Toys. I feel like an idiot for not knowing this.

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Of course its Miyamoto but I knew that that wouldn't  be the answer, so my first guess was Rich Gallup but no luck.  But after hours of searching I finally got it yay!

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Nolan North.. I'm on this site way too much apparently.

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John VIgnocchi

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Ralph Baer
I still don't have it...

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Miyamoto was my first thought. Then I figured it was a jokey question and I tried Jonny V.

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Miyamoto. Half of these quests are jokes and the other half are actual facts. It makes it hard to find the answers.

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Miyamoto first then I tried the bloke who made the Oddyssey.

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My first answer was Satoru Iwata which I feel is the objectively correct answer. That was before I knew it was an "inside joke" question :)

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@RandomInternetPerson:  Thats lame man why would you give it away like that.
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Kevin Butler

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Seriously if we're talking "real" answers Iwata is the right one.

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@EpicSteve said:
"Ralph Baer  I still don't have it... "

+1 to this, first name I used as well.
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Tommy Tallarico    

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@Osmiles said:
" John VIgnocchi "
This. I still don't have this shit though. This better be REALLY clever or this is some bullshit.
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@cap123 said:
" Miyatmoto "
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 Miyatmoto of course.  

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Knowing this site I tried Ed Boon first. I have it now.

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J Allard 

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Paul Barnette

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I've completed every other quest in the set but I still haven't got this one. I think the first name I tried was Nolan Bushnell.

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@Cake said:
" Nolan North.. I'm on this site way too much apparently. "
Same! I thought I was being proper clever to the level of the GB crew ... :(
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 @Osmiles said:

" John VIgnocchi "
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john vignicchi seemed like the only rational choice.  

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Miyamoto. I figured it was either really obvious, or a complete joke.

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Michael Pachter. 
Doesn't even have a page. Then Bobby Kotick. Nope. Perhaps I read powerful instead of important, on second thought.

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Jeff Gerstmann. It didn't work.

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  Shigeru Miyamoto, any answer other than that or Jeff Gerstmann for this thread is unacceptable.    

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@Cake said:
" Nolan North.. I'm on this site way too much apparently. "
Same lol
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J Allard first, I got it last night though. (#31 to finish the set, yay!)

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Ralph Baer.

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I thought Ralph Baer...but apparently I was wrong

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Miyamoto as well

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I figured it was a joke quest so I tried Jeff.

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Tommy Tallarico.

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I went to the Miyamoto page, waited for the quest to complete, then frowned when nothing happened. 

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I checked to see if I spelled  Miyatmoto wrong, and I accidentally got another guy who happened to create legendary plumbers. .  

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I got it straight away, it was one of those bombcast quotes that stayed with me for some reason.
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At first I tried Miyamoto, and then I thought it might be a cruel joke and be Bobby Kotick

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I tried Nolan Bushnell first, but it didn't work. Still trying....

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Someone told me it wasn't Miyamoto before I started the questing, so I tried the guy who created Pong and then the guy who created Tetris. No dice.

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I'm thinking Miyamoto as well!

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If I told you the first one I tried... I'd give you the answer.

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Like just about everyone else, Miyamoto. This made me realize these are going to be fiendishly...something.

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A bombcast quote? Any chance of a clue as to how recent? 
I went with Shigsy first, and then went through reggie fils-aime, trying more ridiculous ones because i assumed it was a joke.