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This thread has now been superseeded by Webbys. 
It turns out you can actually just refresh the profile 1000 times to get the quest.

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Is this legal?

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My guess that it will  take a good amount of your time, but sure.

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@Allprox: Probobly not
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A start is a start. I think quests are becoming a bit silly at this point though.

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Might as well give it a try.

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@dantey: Cause I don't want no heat from the fuzz.
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It's worth a shot

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Sure, why not

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This is madness.  I'm in the middle of moving, but I'll do what I can to help out.
But really, the 2000 counter is just there to be cute.

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Quests are fun when members are innovative in their approach to completing it...  
Now, I don't know about you, but I want  CitizenKane to view my profile AND follow me...  He's my favorite mod (Cause I think he's the only one to be on Tested.com too)

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I'm sure the GB team that came up with this quest knew a thread like this would come about. Could be a decent way to get people to be more active in the forums (such as myself).

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Good idea bro

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Please view my profile :)

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Hah, I bet no more than 5 people will complete this one. But I'd like some help, nonetheless.

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@JJWeatherman:  Yes JJ! LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I will get in on this cyber stalking.  Maybe some people will be interesting too!

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Count me in!
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Sure, why not.

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Alright, I'll try to click the profiles of as many people as possible who post in this thread.

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Aw hell, why not.

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I declare this quest to require an illegal amount of effort, at least if you want the bonus XP. I'm sure anyone could complete this with 0 effort if they just use the site regularly long enough.

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I just looked at the quests...these are really fucked up.

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I would be very grateful if you kind gentlemen would view my simple profile.   
I'd gladly find a way to return the favor.  Teehee.  ^.^

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I'll try my best, hope everyone does the same in return
I've viewed everyone before me

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@FluxWaveZ: @FluxWaveZ said:
" Alright, I'll try to click the profiles of as many people as possible who post in this thread. "
I'll echo this sentiment 
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You should totally look at my picture of Quagsire from Pokemon dressed as Professor Layton.

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@Daveyo520 said:
" @JJWeatherman:  Yes JJ! LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
Never, awwww! I refuse! 
(OK fine, I'll look at your profile a few more times) 
Oh and btw, I may, possibly, probably, hopefully will be getting an awesome Rich Gallup themed background for my profile later today (Thanks to Aurahack). Oh yeah, that will draw in ALL the viewers!  :P
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Same here.

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I'm here in the shadows.

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@JJWeatherman: lol :P 
Sweet, Aura does good work, AND it's for a good cause. You also make me miss Rich even more ;_;. I wonder if 38 studips will let me visit if I ask nicely.
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I have viewed everyones profile in this thread.
You can thank me later =]

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Well ill give it a go as well ;-)

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Sounds good!

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I already hit 100 views, thank you.  You boys are so kind, and must have special women in your hearts.  ^.^

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I welcome everyone to come check out my profile, and while you're there leave me a wall post!  
Once I get home from work, I'm hitting the thread and going through everyone in it. 
Oh and read my blog! It's actually kind of entertaining IMHO! XD

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I'll try my best to view as many as possible.

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Let's do this. 

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@Daveyo520 said:
" @JJWeatherman: lol :P   Sweet, Aura does good work, AND it's for a good cause. You also make me miss Rich even more ;_;. I wonder if 38 studips will let me visit if I ask nicely. "
That would be the creepiest/most awesome thing to try to do. How would you explain that you're there to see Rich?  xD
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Don't look at me! Leave me alone!
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1000 is going to be the hardest. I have 28.....

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I feel slightly dirty, but sure, why not.

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hit me up

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I've viewed the profile of everyone else in here. 
I bet less then 25 get it done in the end though.

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Oh my, so many profiles!
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Ummm...... I'll just ask to see the head of Fluffernutter Development.

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Good idea. But, EFF, 1000 views?

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Look at me!