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Haha, yeah I totally expected to see Dog in it. It was the first thing I typed in

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I'm sure there'll be more quests related to the Half-Life series at some point. So, hey...

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Uhh, headcrabs anyone?

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How about the only character to appear in all the Half Life games?  Barney!

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Disagree. Dog wasn't even in all the Half-Life games and Gordon isn't remembered as much as a guy with a goatee. Headcrabs would definitely be a better choice.

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@LiquidSaiyan3:  yea, headcrabs was the first thing I looked for
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This quest was for Half-Life, not the next games in the series.  Speaking of which, I can't get the last clue.  I've tried everything I can think of down to all the voice actor's, HEV suits, the aforementioned headcrabs, etc. please tell me its not obvious.

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@Snoopnshoot: I'm still stumped on that one myself, didn't realise the quest only counted the first game though till you said. Thanks that might help.
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@Snoopnshoot:  I personally think its pretty obvious since it was one of the first things I tried. Plus its become somewhat iconic. Maybe that will help? I don't want to just give it away.
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Anyone have a clue for the fourth one in the list? I feel like I've tried everything.

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Ok, just got it.  You were right, staring me in the face.  
WalkerTR77:  It's on his page, but not linked.  It's something you probably think you've already tried.
Jonnyflash80:  What is he known as?