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You wouldn't have been able to complete the previous quests without utilitizing this common game mechanic.     
I've trying mouse, keyboard and computer no luck more hints please!!!

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Yeah I haven't gotten this one either. I feel like I'm missing something obvious.

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You need to read the clues for the other quests in that set. What do they have you do to complete the quest?

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"DeLorean. "

got it now thanks
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@kingfrogger666:  Glad to help.
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It still cant figure it out. :(

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you need 1.21 gigawatts to achieve it.

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Im dont even know what a gigawatt is :P

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@SBYM said:
" DeLorean. "
Thanks a bunch!
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a movie recently came out called "Hot Tub _____  ______"

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I type Blank Blank in and im pretty sure it right but it wont give me the acievement.
Edit: Nevermind i had it wrong
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I typed time machine and nothing happened....

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@Olgarlenn said:
" Im dont even know what a gigawatt is :P "
A billion watts.
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@TrippinBungalow:  This is a great clue but people should know that it's the other word for this mechanic.
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Bah, i feel stupid for not getting this.  It's in the title of the Quest Set. 
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Obviously I have some sort of mental handicap seeing as how I have yet to figure it out yet -_-.
EDIT: Nevermind.

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Yeah I have no idea what the answer is.

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Okay, I went to Time Machine...

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@flufflogic: Have you played Chrono Trigger? 
Visiting different periods of time certainly would not be possible without this concept.
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When you use a Time Machine you "Travel" through ____

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I know this thread was started awhile back, but it sooooo helped....Thank You