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I was looking at my quests page, and I noticed that the total number of sets went from 51 to 53. Wanting to complete them, I went down to look at the new sets, but they aren't there. Here's a picture for proof. (Ignore the "loading next page" thing, as that's just a Firefox plugin.) Are we finally getting new sets, or is this some type of weird glitch?
Maybe it's a glitch; when I went back, it was down to 51 again.

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still 51 for me

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@buhssuht said:
" still 51 for me "
Same here
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Mines at 52, probably a premature roll out of something.

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I got 52... quest lookout is GO!

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Same here, but again, the total number of actual quests is the same, and there's no new quest set. Usually, premature rollouts show the quests, but you can't do them.
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WEIRD! I blame space gremlins. 

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WEIRD! I blame space gremlins.  
3DSanity! Go check guys! New Quest Set! (I think, could be gone by the time anyone reads this). 

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Now that the quest is actually out, could somebody lock this?