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I didn't see a post like this already, so I figured I would start one. 
I didn't know until recently that lists also count for this quest. So, I figured I would start a thread for people to post their lists and/or reviews and other duders can rate them.  
Here is my list of meaningful games. Please read, rate, and comment! I would love to hear what everyone out there has to say. Post your links and I will rate/comment on them too! 
EDIT: And BTW, I am not just looking for quest completion. Please leave comments on lists and reviews that people post here. Keep it fun or whatever...

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The inclusion of lists is a bug, and it doesn't work every time.

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@CitizenKane: Oooohh. Didn't know that. Still, if people wanna post their reviews here for rating, that'd be tubular.
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When I posted a thread about this, it got deleted.

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@StarFoxA: hahaha hmmmm. Well, I just learned that it's a bug, so maybe that's why? Either way, it should still be cool for people to post their reviews and have them rated here, right?
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Probably not, since there's probably a thread about it already. Did you search the quest forum for such a thread?
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@Video_Game_King: I did, and didn't see a topic already, so I figured I would start a thread for this quest... I certainly don't wanna piss anyone off or anything, I just wanted to get people to look at my list and rate others.
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The list is nice, but you don't have any reviews yet, right?
Anyway, here are my reviews. I wrote them a while back and pasted on GB. I would love to hear what anyone thinks of them

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@Rokin: Nope, no reviews yet. I'm gonna try and do one or two tomorrow.
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I understand why some people want to game the system, but this seems to just completely devalue the reviewing function of the site.

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This bug has been fixed and deployed. Only reviews will be counted from here on out.

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@coonce said:
" This bug has been fixed and deployed. Only reviews will be counted from here on out. "
No, you're only supposed to fix bugs that make it harder to get quests!
Also, remember folks, there is a quest for having 5 thumbs Down on a review as well, so feel free to be honest about, say this
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I really should start writing reviews again...

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Here are my reviews! Rate and comment with any criticisms or general discussion.
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I've got a couple reviews here. Honest opinions, ratings, and constructive criticism of the writing is appreciated. Not trying to fish for anything by posting here, but I guess it can't hurt to get them out there and get some thoughts. I'll check out the other reviews in this thread as well.

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My reviews: here 
Had one thumbs up already!

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@flufflogic: I liked your PoP review a lot, just because that game really is terrible.
@commandercup: You write some quality stuff, and 'Balls of Gold' is an excellent title.
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@wrathofconn: Thanks! I'm going to be experimenting with my review style with my Halo Reach review, trying to make the reviews shorter and more interesting without losing any real substance. You've inspired me to check out some other people's reviews (including yours) so I'll be looking at them once I can finish Reach and get my review up.
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@wrathofconn: Cheers! I really did hate that game...
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Wouldn't mind some "like's" or "dislike's" for my reviews, so if anybody is willing to give a hand with that. I'm sure I can return the favor, if not now than surely later.

My Reviews