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So with the hint and title i got the obvious first answer, but i dont know where to start to look for the other two. Are they involved within the same epic RPG?

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@Fritzerbacon:  For the second one, it's you'll hear it in the first two games when you boot it up during the introduction. Think of the famous phrase you associate with the Fallout series.
The last one plays a fairly important role in Fallout 3. It's the first thing you see when you're born.
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K got the third one...but i havent played the first two for a LONG time... any other hints? but dont give it away lol

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@Fritzerbacon:  This actor portrayed a hellish, red-skinned character in two movies. The movies are based off a comic book.
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WOW thanks, i would have never gotten that one!

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No problem. And get back to playing the first two Fallouts!

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still stuck on the second one...any one got any simple clues?
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I'm stuck on the third :( any hints? And a hint for you gaffyh
2) I like to pretend to be a 7ft red 1 tonne superhero but i still like raining down hell on people.Ive done this twice now in the past 10 years.
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what is 1#......????? i got the other 2 but don't know that one :(

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@fjor: Its been said many a time during this thread. 
Ps some help with 3 please :p
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3#     he played a lion    -    he made a list in a black and white movie  -    he is searching for his daughter in a recent movie

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Thanks Ive got the whole set now Wooo

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gratz :)

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Did the clues for #1 get removed? I don't see any hints about it, yet y0y0 says it was in here.

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@ms3boy:  Well it's quite easy, really. The answer is infact in this very thread.
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@VilhelmNielsen: I couldn't get passed the hill after the boat ride on Limbo or the first gear puzzle in the newest Prince of Persia...so, please, help me out here. :P 
2 and 3 were obscenely obvious to me. I've tried a ton of stuff for #1. Maybe the page isn't triggering it for me? The name and clue seem to be for #2. 
Actually, it makes me think of The Simpsons, but nothing related to that seem to be working either. 
Is it a game? Is it a person? Is it something else? I've been on every page related to what the two I've already gotten are. 
This is what I see: 
Up and Atom 
Here's a Clue
War. War never changes. (said by #2)
0 - Read the clue above. 
x - [red] 
x - [lion]