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So I've just recently join Giant Bomb and I've been having a hard time getting any of the video based quests complete. So I've posted this thread to see if anyone out there has some pro tips on how to get them or just plain guesses at what I'm doing wrong. I've watched a few videos from start to finish with pause or two in the middle, what am I doing wrong?

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You have to believe.

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@Dairypop4000: According to an earlier thread, they're going to be getting rid of the quests. So you might as while not care.

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Are they going to just remove the video related ones or quests all together?

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@Dairypop4000: I'd say all quests. No ones sure if they're removing our levels though, which they probably will.

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Thats rough, I wonder what the reason is. Thanks for the heads up anyway. :)

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@Dairypop4000: The site is having a redesign and when they got sold to CBS, the interns that used to make the quests left, got fired, etc., so they stopped making quests. So there's no point in keeping the quests if no one's updating that information anymore. It was fun while it lasted and no problem.