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Long time user but I'm just getting seriously getting into the Quest and Forums side of things at the expense of my work... 
However, there seems to be a bump in the road in that the video quests don't appear to work for me after watching the AssBro QL a total of 4 times now. I also know for a fact that since the quests have been out I have re-watched 25 old videos but it didn't occur to me before now that it didn't ping.
Few facts  
- I know to watch the video right through and I do
- I use Google Chrome 
- I often have other tabs open while watching the video 

Thanks for any help you can offer, greatest community on the web <> 
P.S. Followers would be handy also :D

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Try firefox or safari and see if it works there?

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Usually, if it doesn't trigger for you, you're watching the wrong video. I know that this sounds obvious, but remember how many people watched the LPB2 Quick Look, only to find out that there's another? Exactly.

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Watch the other AssCreedBro QL.

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Aww the old multilayer one? That might be the ticket! Also I've heard from a friend that he got them in Chrome :C

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Hmm wouldn't change the fact that none of the old videos trigger... 
How old we talking I went back and watched all the episodes of how to build a bomb.