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okay so i have seen on some other forum posts that some people are getting annoyed at being followed just for quests and others are getting annoyed at people getting annoyed at people who are following them just for quests. 
So if you are trying to do either of those and since I didn't notice anybody else put up a thread for this then here is what i am suggesting. 
Step 1 - comment here if you are doing either of these, by commenting you are saying that you have no problem with arbituary followers doing it for a scavenger hunt. 
Step 2 - follow the other people who have commneted here. 
This way people can get both quests without whoring for followers or stepping on the over sensitive toes of others.  
Edit: I have this rapped now so follow me if you choose but don't feel obliged, I will still follow anyone who comments as a matter of courtesy or until carpal tunnel kicks in.
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Sure, whatever helps getting that quest done.

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Sounds like a smart idea. Still feels like cheating though :p

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oh i need like 5 more people to follow me! doitdoitdoitdoit :D 

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sure thing

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grinding and cheating are seperated by a very thin line
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Sign me up

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Im in

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Sure, no prob.

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feel free to follow me as well

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I'm down

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This will definitely help  
I'm following 25 people already but if you follow me I'll still follow you back if you need more followers.

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Hit me up ;)

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Sure why not

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No problem

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@ruffedgz said:
" Hit me up ;) "
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Do it! I will send out a wave of follows right now to the people who have commented.

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I'm in. 
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Yeah, I'm in.

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erhm... hello

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I'm game.  Need 14 more.

#23 Posted by SilverShadow (219 posts) -

I'm up for this. Follow me if you would like
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Also in.

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I'm up for a bit of quest grinding. 

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Im in

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I'd like to be followed!

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I think it's kind of lame, but I'm down with being followed. However, I won't be following people back if they're just picking me at random to get the quest.

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I just need a like...10 or so more followers. Help me out!

#31 Posted by cancerdancer (332 posts) -

Anyone who follows me will be followed right back.

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count me in.

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My question is how the hell were people finding me to follow me in the first place.  I don't exactly write anything that would make me get noticed.

#34 Posted by Snappy (15 posts) -

I'm in

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Okay, dude. Fine.

#36 Posted by mrfizzy (1651 posts) -

Oh god please stop now!!! went to bed last night with 20 followers, woke up today with 44. EEK... 

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I am also up the in the sky for this.

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Count me in!

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Follow me! To freedom!

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i need two more por favor.

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So what is this for again? Whatever im in.

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Follow me please

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Sounds Great and i'll follow people who follow me

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Sure, I need more followers anyway

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I could always use some more followers, I guess.

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Pretty sure I'm too late for this, whatever, let's do this!

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give me points! i feel dirty already

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I am in the boat for needing followers.

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im in, let the following begin!!!!

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Im up for it definitely