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I have a bad feeling about this. Already the forums are being flooded with "I am starting this thread/blog in order to complete a quest". most of us being such achievement whores, everyone's going to get addicted to the quest system. 
This is probably going to distract most of us from what we REALLY love about Giantbomb: editing wiki, discussing on threads, watching videos etc. And many threads in the forums will suffer from a lack of discussion, since the number of new threads is gonna rise like crazy.
I guess the biggest problem I'm gonna have is that every one will be more interested in their individual achievements, and the site is gonna become a more quest-focused site, rather than keeping it just as another feature. 
I don't mean to complain or anything, it's just what I felt. It's a good feature, but can have bad effects.
What about you? What do you think?

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Once the initial blog posts for quests and stuff goes away, and more interesting quests take their place, it's going to work itself out.
The stuff like "write a blog" remind me of multiplayer achievements in games such as "kill 100 guys with a pistol". I forces players to use a gun they normally wouldn't, and ends up annoying the whole team because the player does worse when they only try to use the pistol to get kills. 
It's just how the quests are designed that matters. This introduction stuff is there to get people to discover uses for the site they might never have seen otherwise, so I'm fine with it. I trust the guys to have better quests later on, although are few are interesting (and have me seriously stumped).

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They just need a message board just for quests. That would sort all this stuff out. It seems a weird move - I would think the Giant Bomb guys would want to keep away from gimmicky stuff like this. But as long as it's not intrusive and doesn't stay in my face, I'm not bothered by it.

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Yeah, I could see there being concern that there will be a lot more spam on these boards. I'm more bothered by how much slower the site is though.

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The quest system has been live for just a few hours now. The bugs and kinks will be worked out soon enough, it's just growing pains.