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I suggest that they remove the limited edition quest sets that have already been completed.  It just feels really weird that everyone sees these quests but can't complete them due to the limited nature of those quests.

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Wouldn't that be unfair to the people who actually completed them? They should logically get rid of 6 Non-Explosives Sploding, since nobody has completed it.

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You wouldn't want to just wipe them out completely though. It would be like they never existed. I get the OCD nature of wanting to have them all, but it really isn't a big deal if you missed some.


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damn 775 keeps laughing at me

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@Mars_Cleric: JUNE 18! NEVER FORGET! <>

My only words of support for clearing out the Limited Edition Incomplete tab is that I miss Mr. Lincoln telling me I'm awesome.

Otherwise, nah son. Completion Percentage is law. We all have our Gran Turismo 2 cross to bear.

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@Mars_Cleric said:

damn 775 keeps laughing at me

also that spolsion man Christmas thing is a dumb glitch.
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I don't know what that means but that may be because I've just had half a bottle of JB.

I was super paranoid that I've missed a quest set like 775 because I've been watching the archived live streams instead of the live ones.

Stupid exams next week means I'm studying when they're on.