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Hello. I'd like some more followers. Not just for questing reasons... Throw your name in here if you'd like to get to know AND follow fellow bombers!  
I now have lots of followers which is awesome! Thanks everyone!  
Want to follow a nice guy?  Follow DrHans

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feel free to follow as well

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You can't just TELL people to follow you or they'll do the exact opposite. Don't you know anything about human psychology?

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How about we provide interesting/funny reads in the forms of blog posts to get more people to actually have a reason to follow you.
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erhm.. hi

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@Nunchuckles: I like your pic, also follow me :D
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Yes please

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Follow me please.

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Oh for the love of...I rarely have anything useful to say, so there's no point in following me.

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I could use a few more followers for the quest.  If you follow me, I will follow you back.

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You're all lame.

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@Vinchenzo said:

" You're all lame. "

I agree with this guy.
You guys don't ask for followers, you get followed by being awesome. You are all acting like 10 year olds on youtube "I'll subscribe to you if you subscribe to me!".
Furthermore...@ProjektGill said:
" There is already another thread made for the same reason 
http://www.giantbomb.com/forums/quests/5331/viva-la-revolution-im-with-them/403213/ "
Let's lock this one down....
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Do it for the Quest!
@Vinchenzo said:

" You're all lame. "

just for that Imma follow you
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I'll join in as well
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I agree and you are cool. I say cool things. Do you think I am cool? Maybe we could be friends . . . .  
No, in all seriousness followers should be earned. I say this as someone who has no followers.
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I'm lookin for some followers.  Feel free to add me.  I'd appreciate it.
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I would like some followers

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I will say it again but FOLLOW MEEEE! TO FREEDOOOOMMM!

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ive never asked for some one to follow me. just be unique!

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Sure thing, hit me up!

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Some extra followers would be nice.

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Follow me please, I'll follow you back.

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Naming my self, Elerigo

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follow me I'll follow you back

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It's dangerous to go alone.

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@FluxWaveZ said:
" Wow. "
this is all i can say  
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I recommend that no one follows me, because I will lead them off of a cliff 

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I'll follow you if you follow me

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Why should you follow me?  I ate the KFC Double Down  and survived to tell the tale. 

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If you follow me I fart............just saying.

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Since I love your profile picture, I don't mind following or being followed: Sargus

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I would enjoy having some followers.

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yes plz. I can has follwerz?

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Sure go for it

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I need  few followers!

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@Victor018 said:
" I'll follow anyone who follows me :D "
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do it

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lol id like some followers!

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Who wouldn't?  But I'm not going to demand it.

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Yeah man I'm always down for a new follower

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You people disgust me! You are all a bunch of attention whores! I am not going to follow any of you!!!

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What are "followers"?

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It would be better if there was a thread where you gave a good reason for someone to follow you, because I don't want to follow any of you just for the quest.
But if someone was actually a funny guy then I would actually have a reason to.

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I'm always in need of followers, so add away mates :)

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Follow me, and I follow you.

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"...OK. If anybody else wants to come with me, this moment will be the moment of something real and fun and inspiring in this godforsaken business, and we will do it together!   
Who's coming with me? Who's coming with me? WHO's coming with me?   

Who's coming with me besides...'Flipper' here?" 
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I'm following you. (creepy?)