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Been playing this game all morning, and it is a complete return to the Ratchet and Clank that worked so well in Crack in Time and Tools of Destruction. I feel like these games get unfairly ignored because they have had crappy spin offs on psp and psn, but the core games in the franchise like this are still so great. Movement and shooting feel perfectly tuned and the weapons are endlessly fun. Also, like a good Pixar movie or cartoon, there is good writing for kids with plenty of clever jokes for those slightly older to chuckle at.

Resistance 3 got ignored despite being awesome, and I feel like people are ignoring Into the Nexus as well. It's partially due to a bad release date but it still really bums me out. Hope that we see more of these on PS4. The PS2 games were my favorite games growing up, and the PS3 ones are great as well.

Anyone else pick this up? There isn't any mention of it on the site :(

It's also 30 bucks! If you haven't played Quest for Booty it's an even better value.

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Sony seems determined to kill the chances of several of their releases doing well this year. Sly Cooper went unnoticed, this will undoubtedly go unnoticed, and I'm sure Tearaway won't get a great deal of attention either. A shame.

I never really understood why Resistance 3 done poorly though. It seemed to get a decent marketing push. Maybe it was just a bad release date?

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Wait this is Insomniac developed and there's not a dime of info or advertising behind it? Really?

I thought it was some shitty f2p spin-off or something.

I'm not surprised Resistance got shunned, the first game was very run of the mill, the second had awesome co-op which they removed from 3. They were also very hit and miss, sometimes looking great and then awful.

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I will play it.

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Sony has done them no favors by failing to market basically any of their PS3 games.

Some people have given this great reviews though. Interested to check it out.

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I didn't like any of the Ps3 R&C games, still find myself returning to the PS2 versions. I don't know why but the newer R&C games just haven't really grabbed me.

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As a huge Ratchet and Clank fan I nearly forgot this was actually coming out, wish there was more of it being pushed but I will be getting it in the next few weeks.

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People are hard on Insomniac because they seem to want to destroy the series that they are most known for. All 4 One and Q force were such awful games that would have benefitted from the amount of feedback they so desperately thought they needed from focus testing Fuse.

It baffles me how they thought the changes to the Ratchet formula they made wouldn't bother the fans. At least when they made Deadlocked and turned it into a shooter it made sense. The bad Lego-esque multiplayer game that stripped out all if the weapons and leveling that these games were known for, and a poorly balanced tower defense game were not what any of the fans wanted.

I'll be playing this new one this week and I'm glad they stopped fucking with what made R&C so special so they can go out on somewhat of a high this gen.

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I didn't even know this thing existed until about thirty seconds ago...

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Hmm.. I guess because they are dumb? Most Ratchet & Clank detractors just don't like the games because they aren't for them. Example: "they're too easy". Remember, on the internet, if something isn't for you, for whatever reason, it sucks. I understand if you feel they're just too similar, so you won't play them all, but they're definitely great games in my opinion.

I liked the first Resistance, as much as everyone thinks its mediocre. R3 gets great word of mouth, but I never go around to it.

Into the Nexus? What's that? *looks at url* I see. So there's a new R&C game coming out.

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Unfortunately it being released right before two new consoles come out it's probably going to get buried. I plan on playing it after I finish A Crack In Time.

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@chop said:

I didn't even know this thing existed until about thirty seconds ago...

I didn't until today. I saw a review on Polygon and assumed it was a Vita game because I hadn't heard anything about it, but that's what almost exclusively visiting Giant Bomb would do.

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I'm getting this game, PS4/XB1 or no. You can't stop me.

Also, a question to folks that don't like the PS3 R&Cs but like the PS2 games: is there something specific about ToD and ACiT you don't like? Not calling you out or anything, I'm just curious 'cuz I don't see a whole lot of differences that might turn some fans off (besides the obvious ones like ACiT's Clank sections and the semi-free roam space travel). Or is the lack of any differences the problem?

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The best way for Sony to get people to pay attention to a PS3 game is to release one the same week that they release the PS4. Obviously.

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Resistance 3 is one of my favorite shooters of the generation. Intense, tactical combat. Great presentation. Very atmospheric and emotional. Hell, I even got into the multiplayer for some reason. Wonderful game.

But I didn't finish Tools of Destruction despite enjoying what I played. I'll get to this when I don't have 8 games coming at me in a month.

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Had no idea this game was even coming out until I saw a forum thread here about it recently. I'm looking forward to seeing what this one's all about - "short but sweet" seems to be the popular take on it, and I'm glad to hear it's a return to form after titles like All 4 One and Full Frontal Assault, which I skipped over completely (and somewhat intentionally). Thought A Crack in Time was great, so I've got no problem throwing down 30 bucks to check out a beloved dynamic duo's generational sendoff.

Bums me out how this game's gotten complete fuck-all as far as advertising goes. I get that there are far bigger fish to fry at the moment in general, but man, this series deserves better.

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@sunbrozak: Sly Cooper actually had a great opening week, better than previous Sly games. Don't know about the tail though.

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I had literally no idea this was even in development. Wow.

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I'll more than likely play this at some point. I really liked the first Ratchet and Clank and then I lost track of it for a while. Then I played crack in time which I thought was really clever. So, ya. I like the Ratchet and Clank games. I never really had any interest in Resistance and Fuse was a mess.

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That's Sony's marketing for yuh! I'm broke so it'll be a while before I play this. Sucks because I really want to play it.

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Dunno if I'd look at it as a slite so much as hey they're launching a new console right now and this isnt for it, so its not getting any attention. Im sure whatever they're making for PS4 will get a good push.

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Fuse happened

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I figured this was another kind of lousy throw-away like All 4 One and Full Frontal Assault. Seeing reviews come in that are reasonably positive, I'm surprised it was actually done by Insomniac.

I just barely got around to beating A Crack in Time the other night. First time I've actually beaten one of those games...the end boss is always completely awful. I got to the end boss of the first one back when it was new and never beat it because it was too obnoxious. Never loved the series. Crack in Time was a lot of fun anyway, though it was full of bugs and issues here and there.

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I didn't think Tools of Destruction was very good.

I'll get this at some point. Right now I'm gearing up for PS4 though.

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Sony has sent out it's recent exclusives to die. Really dropped the ball with PS3 exclusive marketing.

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Side Note: Is anyone else playing this having the game run at a lower resolution? I can't connect to PSN with my jank old PS3 but the game is not at full res and looks kind of fuzzy as a result? Not a big deal, just slightly noticeable to someone sensitive like me...

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Yeah, what the hell. I've owned and played just about every Ratchet game. Fuckin' love 'em! And I didn't even know about this one until this thread.

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Update: The attention to detail in this game is so fantastic. Unique dialogue written for Mr. Zurkon (your robot minion weapon) for all sorts of different actions in the game. All of it pretty funny. Also, there are unique snow critter models for the different enemies you shoot with the Winterizer gun. I just want to rustle this game's hair! So much heart haha.

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Stop and think about it, Sony and their dedication to first party SAVED this Generation for consoles. I am in no way a Sony fan boy but just look at the quality of exclusive games from this year alone. Ratchet and Clank is a great series and will pick this up when its on sale or when itisi free as a + member.

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Resistance was a series of inconsistency, and the prior two Ratchet games were not very good (Dat Vita port for FFA too...). Couple that with Insomniac less than graceful transition to a third party developer with Fuse, which got a lot of flak after it was rebooted from Project Overstrike, and you can kind of see why people are harsh on Insomniac. They have not had a great time this generation. Even the Future series, which was there best received work this gen had some growing pains and only hit its stride at the end with A Crack in Time, but what a stride that was.

I'm definitely going to pick this up, but with the PS4 dropping in two days, not for a while.

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I think I'll probably pick this up at some point soon since I'm probably not getting a PS4 till sometime next year. Gotta finish Phoenix Wright first and put in some time with Prison Architect (which I just got).

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Last few Ratchets made me, a long time RnC fan, quite cynical towards this game potentially not being shit. It's nice to know it's not so I'll definitely grab it eventually.

People kinda hate Insomniac because of their last few games really, sadly even if this one is great it can't undo their last few that were just all really bad.

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After the blunder of multiplayer focused R&C games, I'm not surprised. 'A Crack in Time' was so damn amazing(Felt like the PS2 games) and when 'All 4 One' and the other crap came out I stopped paying attention. I will pick this up later this week. I still have some faith in Insomniac.

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Amazon emailed me about it a few months ago; even though it's launching way below 'normal' price, I'm still waiting for the first sale I see to pick it up. The Ratchet series is my favorite Sony franchise; I even played the shitty spinoffs.

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Play this game.

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I've been the biggest supporter, but All 4 One and Full Frontal just bummed me out over their lack of polish. I honestly want to get Nexus on PS4 with Vita and try out the whole remote play with it.

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@wjb said:

@chop said:

I didn't even know this thing existed until about thirty seconds ago...

I didn't until today. I saw a review on Polygon and assumed it was a Vita game because I hadn't heard anything about it, but that's what almost exclusively visiting Giant Bomb would do.

I'm betting Sony didn't even know until a few minutes ago and probably thought it'd be a good idea to release this before the new console launch. Its really sad that alot of these beloved playstation franchises truly get thrown to the waist side. I know Crash Bandicoot and Spyro are no longer being developed by their original developers but it feels like this game along with Sly are really getting the go around by Sony.